Home Safety Issues You Might Not Have Thought About

Keeping your home safe for your children can seem like an endless task. You’re forever picking things up off the floor, so they don’t end up in someone’s mouth or locking things in cupboards…so they don’t end up in someone’s mouth. It’s largely about preventing little ones from eating things they shouldn’t. While you might have baby-proofed or toddler-proofed your home, there can be some things that you forget to consider or don’t realise that you should pay attention to. Here are some of the safety issues you might not have thought about, but that could be important to address in and around your home.

Stinging Bugs

Nobody likes to get stung by bugs – especially not the flying, black and yellow striped kind. For most people, it’s just painful, but for others, getting stung by a bee or wasp could be deadly. Even if one stinging bug won’t do much, lots of them can be more dangerous. If you see an unusual amount of wasps or other flying insects, you might have a nest somewhere near your home. A service like Wasp Nest Removal Essex can come and get rid of it for you. This helps you avoid a wandering child stumbling across an angry nest of wasps and poking their finger in.

Uneven Ground (or Flooring)

Children are expected to fall over. You can’t keep them upright all the time, and they’re mostly just going to pick themselves up and dust themselves off. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try to prevent at least a few falls. One of the things to think at home about both indoors and outdoors is uneven ground or flooring. If there are tripping hazards like loose carpet or uneven floorboards, the whole family is probably going to be at risk of falling over. While a bit of uneven ground outside probably isn’t going to do any harm, you might want to even out any large holes or steep inclines.

Strangling Hazards

The issue of accidental strangling has gained more attention over the years. Sometimes it’s just a freak accident, but there are also things you can do to prevent it from happening. One of the biggest worries is chords for blinds or other loose chords and strings. Babies and toddlers can easily get tangled up in these when you leave them unattended. Fortunately, the fix is simple. You can tie them up or wrap them around a holder high enough that little fingers can’t reach.


We’ve probably all laughed a bit at someone running into a glass door. But even you find it hilarious, you probably don’t want your child doing it all the time – especially if they run full pelt towards it. One of the things that can help is putting stickers at their eye-level so that they know the glass is there. Another concern is that glass could shatter when it’s bumped into. Safety glass prevents this problem, helping you to avoid disaster.

Keeping your child from hurting themselves might seem like a constant battle, but at least there are some ways you can make your home safer.

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