How to survive the snotty cold and flu season!

How to survive the snotty cold and flu season!

So we’ve been hit by some sort of snotty bug this week and while it’s no fun I’m glad I invested in some essentials at the start of the cold season.

Olbas Oil is a staple for me. Not just for the baby either – when I’m feeling congested I pop a few drops in an oil burner or a hot bath. For Baby Button, a few drops on a muslin which is either in his cot or tucked somewhere on his outfit is the best option as I don’t feel comfortable dabbing it on his clothes like I would for myself.

I’m actually new to Snufflebabe — but I love it. We currently have the nose drops and the vapour rub, and they’ve been a lifesaver so far. Interestingly, someone recommended I put the vapour rub on his feet before bed and.. Well I’ll be damned. It worked. Coincidence or black magic? The nose drops aren’t popular for Baby Button at all — he will squirm and cry as you try pop them in, but seems eternally grateful when he gets a reprieve from congestion during the night.

The Calpol Plugin is amazing, but it’s so expensive.. The plug is £5, and the refills are just short of £5 (you get five in a pack). Each refill lasts eight hours which just isn’t long enough some nights — I like making sure it’s plugged in an hour before Baby Button goes to bed so the room is thoroughly scented. I’m not a fan of the blue nightlight either, but… They work. Sometimes this little plug is the difference between a long night of congested screaming or a night broken up by stints of sleep.

Finally, tissue tissue tissue. I have a toilet roll in each room at the moment to try control the rivers of snot my baby seems to exude. I don’t even ‘do’ snot, and feel sick at the sight of my own or someone else’s — thankfully, I seem to cope with Baby Buttons just fine. Mum powers!

What are your cold bug staples?

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