Taking Some Time Out

You know those weeks where you don’t get out of the house at all? Snarky, sickly babies and then catching the germs yourself means you become some sort of self-quarantined plague shut in.

Couple that with Baby Button being a little too rambunctious for the playgroups we used to attend where we had made friends.. I made the decision to stop going to a few as it just wasn’t worth the sighs or disproving looks from the new Mums with gorgeous little six week bundles of love. Just you wait love, a few months and you’ll be the one attempting to peel your baby off of the fire extinguishers or retrieve them from the reception area as that’s where they’ve crawled off to.

Each child may be different but I guarantee you’ll reach the stages I’m at, at some point!

I knew I had to break this cycle so we went for a long walk in the Autumn air to try and inspire something in us both. Could I replace playgroups with something just as nourishing?

We ended up at a local park, indulging in the free sensory session that autumn leaves offer. I was very wary at first because BB is at the point where he puts everything and anything in his mouth but.. I needn’t have been. He enjoyed how they felt and sounded so much it distracted him from how potentially tasty they may have been.

Seeing him enjoying himself made something just click. If I’d have forced him to go to a group we felt uncomfortable in, we wouldn’t have had the laughs or experiences we’d had today — surely that was a sign that I’m doing something right?

How do you clear your head of that dreaded fog?

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