Exquisite Gardens: How to Get Started

Those who have never created and cared for a beautiful garden before may be wondering where to start. Everything looks boring and empty now, after all, and there seems to be a long way before you can enjoy the sound of buzzing bees around your orchids and watch those birds play in your small garden fountain.

While a garden certainly requires a lot of work, both in terms of preparations and maintenance, it’s not really out of anyone’s reach. You just need to commit to keeping an eye on it, watering it daily during the warm season, and getting rid of any bug infections that might ruin your hard work – or simply hire a gardener.

However you choose to do it once your picturesque garden is up and running, you still need to start somewhere. Here is a handful of tips in terms of getting started with your new garden and choosing the right plants so that you can enjoy the sight of a garden in full bloom.

First: Mapping out your garden

Every garden is different and should be evaluated first. Start by taking a look at your soil and consider whether it’s sufficient as it is, if you should replace it with better soil, or if you’d just like to keep all your plants in pots for the time being until you plant them out.

If you choose the latter, you will still need to replace the soil in your garden sooner or later, though, but you do have a bit more time to get everything ready. Check out this article, first of all, to learn all about the type of soil that might be best for your plants.

After this, it’s time to make a quick sketch of the space you have and figure out where the different plants should go. Divide your garden into sunny areas, shady areas, and semi-sunny areas so that you know where you can place them once you get home with your little green children.

This sketch of your garden will help a lot in terms of figuring out where that new garden path should run and where you should place your fountain or garden pond as well.

Next: Get your accessories

Besides from your plants and general greenery, an exquisite garden will need some form of decoration. This can be a garden pond, for example, which isn’t difficult to make at all, a fountain that can create wonderful sounds of falling water, or simply a statue or two to take you by surprise as you’re walking around in your garden.

If you go for a fountain or a garden pond, it’s a good idea to check out some pumps first to get the most expensive part out of the way. Have a look at Slater Pumps, for example, for some great prices and a quality that won’t just break on you as soon as everything is up and running.

All that’s left for you to do now is to simply figure out which plants you would like to keep. Go for some leafy green ones in the shady areas and place the brightly coloured ones somewhere sunny – but chat with your local nursery about it first if you’re not sure.

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  • If you’re looking to re-design your garden, or you’re starting from scratch, making a plan first is so important! When I moved into my first home I randomly bought plants and shoved them in the garden without much thought of where I really wanted them to go, or what I wanted to garden to look like.
    I know better now! So I definitely agree with your point about mapping out your garden first.

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