Living Arrows | 10/52 | 2019

This week, I’ve labelled ‘The Coming of Tantrums’.

Goodness has this little boy made his feelings known when he doesn’t get his own way. It doesn’t help that he’s also learning boundaries physically, emotionally and socially at the moment — so much going on for one little human.

We’ve had tantrums because he wants to play upstairs. We’ve had tantrums because he wants to play downstairs but I won’t let him dive down the stairs head first. Tantrums because he wants to watch nonsense songs on YouTube, tantrums because he wants to climb in the washing machine, or because he doesn’t want pants or a nappy on. Ever. We’ve had tantrums of epic proportions because Bing finished, or because I won’t let him eat compost. Not forgetting the ones that erupt when I try distract him from certain death — he’s very good at finding things that can cause that. Plug sockets are a favourite.

He’s also opening every drawer, emptying every cupboard and climbing every surface he can. Flexing those toddling muscles and imitating what I think is a mountain goat, I have to have eyes up my derrière when he’s in one of his adventuring moods. His favourite thing to do is climbing into cupboards, even if he has to climb onto the hard-to-reach top shelf of said cupboard and lie there waiting for a reaction. There isn’t a day that goes by without him gaining another bump from these little excursions, even with me right there next to him. Now I know why the phrase ‘wrapping them up in cotton wool’ was discovered!

All the tantrums and death defying stunts aside, it’s easy to forgive the little ball of fury. The sunshine moments where he’s smiling, squealing and generally his beautiful happy self are well worth the thunder storms of tantrums.

Living Arrows

Living Arrows is about celebrating childhood and its trials & tribulations. The project originally took it’s name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” and each Monday I’m going to share a moment from our week. Over the course of 52 weeks, I’ll have a series of snapshots built up which shows my little boy blossoming!

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  • Ahh the tantrum stage, I remember it well, toddler proofing a house is a mighty task in itself. You are right though tantrums are forgivable with a cheeky smile and lovely cuddle x #livingarrows

  • The tantrums stage can be hard can’t it! My daughter is 3 this month and had a 20 minute screaming contest the other day because she was tired…!

  • Oh it is such hard work isn’t it, so exhausting having to be constantly watching out for what they’re going to do next when they have no sense of danger at all! I’ll always be so grateful that, while both my children were quite busy as toddlers, they were never really climbers! x #LivingArrows

  • You just can’t reason with them on these days! My toddler keeps being very stubborn on the school run at the minute and refuses to walk holding my hand! #livingarrows

  • Oh I remember that stage well! My littlest is three and a half now so we’re mostly past the getting into everything stage. And thankfully we don’t have too many tantrums now, just him saying ‘you made me cry!’ At least they’re cute most of the time though 🙂 #LivingArrows

    • BB discovers things I didn’t even know we had when he’s on a bit of a getting into all the drawers bender. I lost both of his water cups the other day to find one in the cupboard with an air fryer we don’t use, and the other was in the washer!

  • Aawh, bless you! I know it’s hard, because my 3 year also just started to test my boundaries and sometimes I just don’t know how to cope with his tantrums. I’ve started listening to Learning Beyond Discipline podcast though, and it’s helped so much so far.

  • Oh this phase is no fun at all. I hope it passes quickly! Ours did this to learn boundaries but we still had the same tantrums over and over again until the rules sank in. It was hard work! x

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