How to Help your Child to Do Their Homework Without Pushing them Too Hard

Many parents know the struggle of trying to get their kids to do their homework. You may spend hours on end trying to encourage them but by the end of it, you know that you just aren’t going to get anywhere. If you want to try and get some hints and tips to help you with that then you can find out whatever you need to know below.

Have a Break

If you find that you are reacting or getting frustrated then take a break. You are increasing your own blood pressure for absolutely no reason at all, so take a couple of minutes to calm down and approach the situation again later on. Your child can then have some time to calm down themselves and this will really help them to stay focused on the task ahead. You may also want to try and encourage your child to do their homework at the same time every single night and also to try and get the homework done in advance of the day it’s due as well.

No Rewards Until Homework is Done

You can also try and make it a rule that any activities don’t happen until the homework has been completed. Homework should always come first, and this includes the weekend as well. Tell your child that they can’t go out and play and also tell them that they are not able to go on their games console until the homework has been done either. This will motivate them to get it done and it also provides its own rewards.

Look at Your Examples

You will be setting examples for your child every single day. If you have work to do yourself at night then try and do it in front of them. You can even go to the Communicate School to see what courses they have available if you want to give your child some additional support. At the end of the day, if you are continually putting off your own studies then it is no wonder that your child is doing it as well. If you want to try and save time then consider spending time with them and get your work done at the same time. When you are able to do this, you can then help them to stay focused and you are also providing the ideal working environment as well so you know that you won’t have any issues there.


It also helps to provide them with all of the equipment they need to get their homework done as well. If they need pens, pencils and paper then make sure that you buy this for them. If you are able to work with them to make sure that they have everything they need then this will make it easier for them to get their head down as well. Try and think about highlighters, card, notepads and more, as this will help them to stay motivated and it will also help you to give them the support that they need to get the homework done.

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