3 Amazing Natural Phenomena You can See for Yourself

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The world is vast and absolutely packed with extraordinary sights. So many in fact that it is almost impossible for the average person to see all of them within their lifetime. Be it due to simply not having enough time or financial constraints, exploring the world is no easy task. Regardless, you should not entirely give up hope in seeing some of the earth’s most spectacular phenomena. With the internet at the helm of society, just about everything gets documented online, giving you a chance to witness these marvellous events second hand. That does not mean that second hand is all you should settle for, with access to the internet one gains access to an overwhelmingly large amount of information which can allow you to plan out exactly the things you might want to see.

Here are 3 stunning phenomena you can see for yourself.

Number 1 – Snow and Ice Penitentes

Snow Penitentes which are also known as Nieves Penitentes ( “penitent-shaped snows” in Spanish), are named after their resemblance to a crowd of people kneeling doing penance. Due to their elongated and white appearance, they resemble tall pointed hoods which were worn by brothers of religious orders in the Procession of Penance which takes place during Spanish Holy week. But what are they really? Their appearance definitely is bizarre yet captivating, but do not really look like any familiar sight encountered naturally. They are in fact snow formations which are found at high altitudes, taking form of long thin blades of hardened ice and snow, they form closely next to one another all generally pointing towards the sun.If you want to find out more about why they form, feel free to read this informative article which goes more in-depth than I ever could!

Number 2 – Northern Lights

The Northern lights probably need no introduction, just about everyone and their dog has heard of Northern Lights at one point. Looking like a chunk of space that just floated down low into our atmosphere, they are most definitely a breathtaking sight. While anyone can go and gaze at some pretty colours in the night sky, actually understanding the Northern Lights would make it seem all the more amazing and is highly recommended. No matter where you are in the world, going to a location known for almost guaranteed sightings of northern lights is not very far away.

Number 3 – Lake Tuz

The second largest lake in Turkey is no ordinary lake. During a hot summer day, one might think their eyes are deceiving them, that they are seeing a mirage, when in fact it is one of the largest hypersaline lakes in the world. Located between other popular tourist locations in Turkey such as Ankara and Konya, it is most definitely worth checking out at least once. The lake is very shallow, and incredibly salty. It almost looks like something out of a surrealist piece hung up in an art gallery. If you plan on visiting and taking a dip, prepare to have salt falling off you for the next few hours. Taking a separate bottle of water to wash off salt is advised.

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