How Many Kids Should You Consider Having?

If you’re having thoughts about starting a family then it’s a good idea to start thinking about how many children you want to have and how many you can actually support. Having just one child is difficult enough, so the idea of having several could be a scary thought. The entire labour process alongside the costs of raising a child can quickly add up, causing you to lose not just money but also a lot of time in your life.

Raising a child is no joke or laughing matter and it’s vital that you do everything you can to take good care of your kids as they grow up. This is to ensure they have a good upbringing and to ensure their future is a bright one. So why is it that some people have not just one or two children, but perhaps more than five? When is it a good time to stop having children, and when should you consider having more?

In this article, we’re going to talk about the number of kids you should consider having and also give you a few points to keep in mind before you start thinking about raising a family.

Are you financially prepared for having a child?

Let’s not forget that having a child is incredibly expensive. You have to consider the cost of paying for your child’s tuition, you need to think about how much money you’ll be paying to feed, cloth and look after your child and you even have to think about how you plan to give them presents and decorate their room. There are so many costs associated with having a child that many people simply can’t get over how much money it really costs.

We also need to think about not just how much money you have, but how much income you have. Having a job is an obvious prerequisite to having a child. Although it’s very possible to raise a child on benefits that you receive from the local authorities, it’s very difficult to give your child a fulfilling future if you don’t have the income to sustain it.

Make sure you have a well-paying job before you even consider having your first child or else you’ll end up regretting the decisions you make. You should also be saving plenty of money before you have your first child, and you should consider using your first child as a benchmark of sorts to see just how much money it will cost to raise several children.

Can you think of what you’d do differently?

If you already have a child then it could be a good time to reflect on what you could have done differently. Perhaps you invested too much in certain areas such as entertainment or making their bedroom stand out when you should’ve invested in other areas such as their education or medical insurance.

You should use your first child as an opportunity to reflect on what you could do differently, then use those experiences to determine if you should have another child or not. Whether it’s the expenses that you had to pay or the time off work that you had to take, you need to look back into your past and consider what you went through with your first child before you even consider having another.

Keep in mind that taking care of your kids requires a lot of time and patience. Although your experience with your first child can help with future children, you should never forget that raising a child requires a lot of your time. Whether it’s the labour process, taking time off work or even time spent with your kids on weekends, you will absolutely be losing a lot of your free time if you decide to raise another child. Although you can be more efficient with how you spend time with your kids, you should never underestimate how much time you’ll be spending together with your family.

Consider limiting the number of children you have

Using previous experience, you can judge how many children you should be having based on your circumstances. Perhaps you feel like you can realistically only have one child, or maybe you felt that raising a child was rather simple and straightforward so you’re confident that you can raise several. Either way, you should always think about setting yourself a limit on the number of children you should have.

Some factors may include how much space you have in your home, how many people you can fit in your car and also the income you receive from your job. The larger your house, the more people your car can hold and the more money you make, the more children you can have without putting them at risk of a poor upbringing. Although benefits and welfare should always be kept in mind, you should remember that you can’t rely on it for everything.

If you’re almost certain that you wouldn’t be able to cope with having another child, then you could undergo a vasectomy. It’s a simple procedure that is safe and the entire process takes around an hour. There’s the possibility of reversing it should you decide to have children again, but it’s a fairly common and reliable way to ensure that you don’t accidentally have another child.

Some final words

Having just a single child is, for many parents, already quite a handful. Funding their hobbies, buying them toys, feeding them and paying for their schooling is already very expensive, so doubling, tripling or even quadrupling that cost can be incredibly daunting. Let’s not forget that the amount of time you have to spend with them will also increase drastically, meaning you have less time to yourself–something that many parents struggle with.

In short, the number of children you should be having will ultimately depen on how much time and money you have. It can be stressful raising children and in order to deliver the best quality of life you can, it’s vital that you pool your resources with your partner and take good care of your children instead of barely being able to scrape by.

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