Help, Nothing Survives In My Garden!

Not everyone has a green thumb. Or at least, that’s what you tell yourself as a way of explaining why your garden won’t just stay green. But, in reality, you might be lying to yourself. There is no green thumb gene. People who can keep their garden green and their plants alive have not developed new talents that you can only dream of. They have learned and experimented throughout the years to gain a better understanding of nature.
In other words, there is still hope for you, even though you feel like hiding your backyard under a layer of concrete. Indeed, here are some of the most important lesson that you can learn from your green-thumbed friends: Green is possible, but you need to understand what is making your garden go brown to fix the issue.

Maintenance is key

While this might sound like a cliché, you need to look after your garden if you want to achieve the luxuriant haven of vegetation you see in gardening shows. However, you also need to consider how the exterior of your property can affect the garden. Your drains, for instance, need to blockage-free so that the rainwater can flow safely down. If they’re blocked, the water can’t evacuate property and is more likely to run down the walls and accumulate in puddles, which can lead to flooding and unfriendly soil. The same principle applies to your patio and decking, especially if lack of maintenance of your outdoors facilities can affect the garden area.

Is the soil worth the effort?

Depending on your location and the previous history of the site, your soil might not be suitable for planting. If you live in a newly built area that used to be an industrial estate, the ground might be filled with rocks, which can be tricky and sometimes unsafe to remove. Indeed, large stones and debris can maintain your garden level, meaning that you could put your property at risk if you were to remove these. If this is the case, you can cover the surface with artificial grass – New Lawn is an excellent address if you don’t know where to look. You can then focus your attention on creating raised beds to bring additional soil and grow vegetables and flowers.

Are you even choosing the right plants?

People with green thumbs don’t have any advantage other than knowing their plants. Lack of knowledge might be the reason while your greens can’t survive, primarily if you don’t sow them at the right time of the year. As a rule of the [green] thumb, you need to make the most of the winter month to protect the most vulnerable plants from frost and cut back your overgrown shrubs. However, flowers aside from roses, should not be planted before May!

It’s not a garden; it’s a giant litter tray

You do everything right, but your garden receives unwanted visitors; namely the neighbours’ cats. You can protect your vulnerable plants and vegetables using chicken wire. A motion-activated sprinkler can also deter animals, but you might end up with high water bills!

Not all garden lovers know how to best look after their yard. If you’re struggling with dying plants and brown shrubs, hopefully, you’ll find the tips above helpful to reclaim your green thumb!

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