4 Big Mistakes People Make When Selling Their House

When your family outgrows your home and it’s time to move on, you have to go through the long and often difficult process of selling your house before you can find a new one. Sometimes, people put their house on the market and it gets snapped up in no time at all. But some people are waiting months or even years for somebody to make an offer. That might be because the market isn’t great at the moment but, more often than not, it’s because they’re doing something wrong. There are so many mistakes that you can make during the house selling process and some of them will cause you some serious problems. These are some of the most common errors that people make when they’re trying to sell their house.

Not Highlighting The Best Features

Every house has its good bits and bad bits. The key to selling your house quickly is highlighting the things that make it great and, most importantly, the things that are most likely to impress the buyer. If you don’t know what buyers are looking for in a house and you brush over all of the assets, you’re not showing off the house properly. If you’ve got a big garden, push that. If it’s very energy efficient, buyers will definitely want to know about that. Think back to when you first viewed the house and the things that made you decide to buy it, that’s a good place to start. Any additions that you’ve made are worth mentioning as well.

Forgetting About Added Costs

Selling a house can be quite expensive because there are all sorts of extra costs to consider. If you forget about them and don’t budget for them, you might struggle to cover them all. Conveyancing fees are a big one because you need a solicitor to handle the legal aspects of the sale for you. Read this guide by The Advisory to work out roughly how much it will be. Beyond that, you need to think about the cost of decorating before you show the house and possibly storing some furniture because it’s a good idea to clear the house out a bit so people can see the space.

Neglecting The Exterior

As soon as people arrive at the house, they’ll start making judgments. A lot of sellers spend time repairing and decorating the interior but neglect the exterior of the house. If you do that, buyers will arrive and see a badly maintained house from the outside. Regardless of what they see inside, they’ll still think of you as people that don’t look after the property and that’s a serious concern for them. So, give the outside of the house a fresh coat of paint and make sure that the garden is looking nice before you start viewings.


If you’ve got a lot of people coming around to view the house but you’re not getting any offers, you might simply be asking for too much for it. Finding the right price for your house is a bit of a balancing act. If you price it too low, people will assume that there are underlying issues and you’re trying to shift it quickly. But if you price it too high, you’ll scare off buyers. It’s best to talk to your estate agent and take their advice on the pricing.

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