5 Healthy Ideas That Might Be Making You Unwell And Miserable

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There is so much good and bad advice around about what is healthy and what isn’t. The trouble is, much of what we read can be easily misinterpreted. Key facts can be missing, and we can easily get it wrong. What we think is a good idea and supportive of our health can actually be making us unwell and even quite miserable. Here are just 5 healthy ideas that can easily go wrong:

Unwind and De-stress

There are several approaches to this good advice. You might make the time to enjoy a coffee and a chat with the girls at your local coffee house. Unfortunately, the coffee is full of caffeine, the cake is full of sugar, and both will have a stimulative effect. No chance of unwinding there! Why not enjoy an evening reading your favourite book with a glass of wine? Using alcohol to ‘medicate’ your stress is a really bad idea. It’s better to use Yoga or meditation. Alcohol can be addictive, and large quantities can harm your internal organs.

Change Your Diet To Lose Weight

This is obviously good advice. But without customised details that relate directly to your needs, it can all go horribly wrong quite quickly. Diets are usually restrictive. They demand that you cut out the foods you enjoy most. And they can often leave you hungry. You’ll be left wondering why your diet is not working and potentially feeling pretty weak and feeble with it. This, in turn, can lead to bingeing to overcome these feelings. Ultimately, you’ll have no chance of losing weight. Instead, focus on adding healthy options to meals. Substitute a couple of snacks you shouldn’t eat for something more wholesome instead.

Get Plenty of Sleep

We all need to get the right amount of sleep. Unfortunately, ‘plenty’ doesn’t define exactly how much we need. Chances are you can feel very energised, refreshed and happy with just seven to eight hours. More than that, and you might feel tired, sluggish, and even unfocused. Nobody knows for certain why too much can make you feel horrible. It is thought your metabolism needs a kick start each day so ignoring your body’s natural cues to wake in favour of a lie-in could be the problem.

Exercise Every Day

Sometimes the term exercise and activity can mean the same thing, and sometimes they refer to very different ideas. Exercising every day puts a lot of demand on your body and your time. Staying active every day is easier to do and simpler to integrate into each of our daily activities. If you exercise too much, you may be prone to dehydration and injury. Ultimately, you’ll give up and not be active at all.

Eat More Fruit

Many people swap chocolate for fruit. Healthy, right? Maybe not. Fruit is also loaded with sugar, although it is natural, not refined. If you have to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels, more than two portions a day could prove challenging. And fruit could be more harmful to your teeth, too! Have you ever found healthy advice to have the opposite effect?

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