9 Wondrous Ways To Fall In Love With Your Home

Our homes are our pride and joy. They are more than just a building that we stay in to keep us away from the cold and to allow us some privacy. They are our own personal project. When we were much younger, we think about how our future abode will look from top to bottom. We are able to imagine every aspect and add whatever we like that will make me us content. It’s much easier in our heads. But now you’re a responsible homeowner with responsibilities. You can’t just imagine additions anymore – it’ll take money and effort.

We all want to be the happiest we can be in our homes. We do spend the majority of our lives in them, after all. It wouldn’t be a pleasant situation if we were sat around in a place that we despise, would it? There is a multitude of different things that can be done to improve any home – some of them are fairly straightforward, and some require a little more work and time. If you’re not sure about what you can do to make you and your family happier with your home, then let’s have a little look at some ideas.


The first thing we’ll talk about is a fairly simple one – although it can feel like a great big slog when taking care of it. Everyone has to deal with this problem at one time or another: clearing out unnecessary clutter that has been living in your home rent-free. Having a clearer area, in turn, makes your mind clearer and looks a lot more attractive. You have a lot more space for more important things, too. It may not be your biggest problem in the world, but it would make you a lot happier once this task is sorted.


I’m sure you keep everything dusted, cleaned and hygienic in your home already. But there are always little spots that tend to get away from us. If doing this is a horrendously stressful chore, then it might not be for you, but if you’re up for it, you could make a day of it. Make sure you plan out when you’re going to get it done beforehand, so you aren’t just jumping headfirst into it without really knowing what to do. Everybody wants to squeaky clean and shiny home – it would definitely make you smiley.


This is a more fun idea. Instead of doing anything related to tedious chores, you could try and add pretty things to whichever room you think needs brightening up. If you think the living room is looking a little bland and needs something to make it a little more eye-catching, then you could add paintings, photos and other stuff like that. You might even want to start a small project and begin painting the walls yourself. Perception is key in our brains, and how beautiful a home looks might sway your contentment.


If you’re into Feng Shui, then you’ll be fully aware of the effect that changing things in the house around has on your peace of mind. Whether you believe in it or not, you’ll agree that when things need freshening up, it’s good to do so. Not only could reorganising make you more content in your own head, but the manoeuvring of different pieces could also open up opportunities for more activities and items.

The Windows

They’re an important part of anyone’s home. And it’s a real pain in the backside when they aren’t operating properly or if they look a little off. It’s not nice wandering around your own home knowing that they are ugly and malfunctioning. If you’re not a glazier, yourself, then you won’t want to do any work to them as you might make things worse. Perhaps getting a professional in to replace them could be something that would bring you more joy.

Get Rid Of Pests

You’re lucky if you’ve never had to deal with little critters running around in your home. It happens to nearly everyone at some point and can really put you in a bad mood when thinking about your home situation. Fortunately, there are many pest control companies that you can get in touch with. Give them a few hours, and hopefully, that problem will vanish.


Everyone’s garage these days tends to be for one thing and one thing only: putting stuff in there that you might need to keep hold of – nobody really puts their car in there anymore unless they’ve got a big fancy one with lots of room. If you’re able to, you might want to give the garage a little makeover. It could be something as simple as decluttering and making room, or as big as renovating the entire area and creating something new and creative!


We just talked about changing up the garage a little if you want some extra space for things to do. You could also think about adding a little bit more onto your existing home. Getting an extension could be a move that makes you happier with your home as you could have more space for things. You could put an extra room in there if you need more space for people. Or what about a home office? That would be handy. Extending the house slightly could also make it look more attractive. You’ll need to have permission, but if granted, it could make you a lot more cheerful.


Perhaps changing things up altogether and moving into a new place is the way to go. It’s a big deal and a somewhat drastic move compared to the others, but if a significant change is what you’re after, then there’s no reason not to think about it. There are plenty of realtors around that can help you find something that suits you. You could also look at companies like Redrow that are always building new homes. The benefits of moving into a newly built place are that you get to pick different designs, colour schemes and lots of extra aspects that make up a house – it’s custom-fitted to your wants and needs right from the start. It’s also a nice feeling to know that nobody has lived in a place before you!

And there you have it, it’s definitely easy for you to love your home again – even if it means getting a new one. So it’s time to decide what you’re going to do.

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