A Couples Day Out In Blackpool – ft. Blackpool Tower, Dungeons, Sealife & Circus.

This week we had some much needed couple time – we ended up travelling to Blackpool and vlogging the experience (which you can view here) – but we had some photographs too, and I don’t want them to go to waste.

The whole town was in holiday mode! Half term was here and the weather wasn’t letting any of us down. Typical of any British beach during the sunny weather, shirts were off and shorts were short – but there was a buzz of cheer around the whole place too. People smiled and nodded as you walked by, families queued up happily chatting for ice cream, and the attractions were bustling as people made the most of things – and we were no different.

Our first stop was Blackpool Tower.

The photograph above really doesn’t capture the iconic tower in all her glory. When I was small, on the approach to Blackpool my Nanna used to tell me to start looking for the tower at least twenty minutes before we got even close to Blackpool – spotting the tower in the sea of pylons and motorway signage was always exhilarating! So standing directly underneath the tower looking up at where we would be going was a nostalgic moment – then we stepped inside and showed our Merlin Passes which allowed us access straight up.
We had to have a screening in a small 4D cinema first, a movie showcasing the best of Blackpool in a room which vibrated, swayed, shook and sprayed you with bubbles or water. It was certainly an experience but the show really did capture Blackpool in all her glory – after that, we were ushered into a lift and the climb towards the towers summit began.
When you exit the lift, you’re faced with a room filled with people surrounded by glass. Beyond that glass is a beautiful view of Blackpool and beyond, absolutely unprecedented. Even the view from The Big One (the famous rollercoaster based in Blackpool Pleasure Beach) doesn’t really compare with this one – and this is just the beginning. The crowning jewel of this floor, is indeed the glass floor.
Mike was the bravest – intrepidly stepping onto the glass and snapping away with the camera. I did get onto it, but since Conwy Castle I’ve not coped well with heights. They’ve never bothered me before, but now vertigo kicks in and it isn’t a pleasant experience – head spins, dizziness, that feeling of dread.. I don’t know where it came from and I’m not letting it sour my love of adventure, but sometimes I need to take a step back and weigh things up. So Mike was the star of the glass floor!

I’ve always wanted to go into one of the dungeons, and I was delighted to head into Blackpool Dungeons with Mike. The staff were friendly and .. Lets say, enthusiastic (“have a horrible day!”) and I wasn’t let down. Some ambitious parents had brought children in who cried throughout the whole experience, but it didn’t tarnish the whole feel of the dungeon – even I wanted to cry at some points, especially when I was locked in a cage by the Ramsay Bolton-esque executioner who disliked those from Yorkshire. The War of the Roses was the focus in the dungeon, and me being from the Yorkshire side of the war with Mike representing the Lancashire side was humorous. Mike was celebrated as the ‘hero’ of the Lancastrian effort for killing the Duke of York in one setting, then faced inquisition as a traitor to the smuggling trade in the next.

After the dungeon, we had some time to spare before we had booked our tickets to the Blackpool Tower Circus. It was time for me to face my own terrors, much like Mike had done with the elevator up to the tower. Blackpool Sealife. Now, anyone who knows me knows I have an absolutely irrational fear of fish. I have done since I was small, and over the years it became a crippling phobia – so I knew one day I’d have to face it.

I’ve watched fishy documentaries, and I’ve even sat through Finding Nemo & Finding Dory. Today, I knew I’d take some steps to overcome this fear. Initially, I said no and waited outside while Mike queued for his single ticket, but I took his elbow and made my promises – I’d do it.

Mike did have to deal with lots of arm flapping, ‘No-no-no-no-NO!’ and generally anxiousness but.. I did it. All the way through. Truth be told, I actually felt okay until the tunnel when I felt my fear tightening it’s grip on my brain but Mike ushered me through and once I became accustomed to the movements of sharks around me I was okay.

I think I conquered it. I even thought some were quite cute, although I drew the line at touching them in any capacity even if there was a herd of young children poking and prodding the starfish – not this girl!

The last on our list was the Blackpool Tower Circus. I love the circus, and we both knew it would be a wonderful way to wind up our day in the seaside town – although neither of us expected the pure opulence of the circus’ setting. A beautiful theatre, wall to ceiling in gold gilded patterns and luxury – even down to the red velvet cushioned seats. The walk into the theatre was beautiful too, the corridors lined with mirrors and display cases showcasing past costumes – it really gave you that circus vibe!

Obviously, I’m not going to tell you the details about the show – and it was strictly no photography and recording. We did get a small peek after the show which features on the vlog, so go have a watch and indulge in the glitz and glamour!

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