Adding Unique Touches To Your Interior Decoration

Many of us like the opportunity to decorate our homes in the way we want to. We want the chance to add our own personality on the place, and often that can mean painting the walls in your favourite colours or using particular furniture to add different touches to the layout. But, what else could you do to make your place unique and little different? I wanted to share with you some of the things to consider.

Make your own furniture

This may sound complicated, but it really doesn’t need to be. Making your own furniture could be a great step to take when it comes to designing your home and making better use of the space you have. Sometimes you want something that you simply can’t buy in the shops. One of the things you could be considering is chairs, or bespoke seating areas, having a frame built to your specification by a carpenter, using foam as cushions from websites like and ensuring that you use materials to upholster the seating to make it bespoke and unique. It is an excellent way to make use of smaller spaces and get the exact ylook you are going for without the compromise.

Create feature walls

Maybe you like the idea of having a feature, and many people look at creating a feature wall in their home instead of just keeping the same all the way round. It could be that you choose to try wallpaper on one wall, or paint a wall a different colour as a contrast. It might be that you use paintings or pictures, even your own pictures of family to create a gallery wall. This is unique as it will be personal to you. It is a great way to add some personality into a space, and is ideal for living rooms or social areas of your home like a kitchen.

Using different ornaments and having things that you love

We all have things in our home that we want to display, so give them pride of place. The ornaments you have the picture frames you display, the little trinkets you have collected over the years, they all have meaning and they certainly mean something to you. It could be a good idea to really take the time only have in your home the things that you love. Too much stuff can make a home feel overwhelmed. Which brings me on to my final point.

Keeping the home clutter free

Clutter can be hard to overcome in your home, especially if you are a self confessed hoarder of everything. However, too much things in your home is a distraction and takes away from perhaps the overall look you are wanting to create. Take some time to really clear the clutter from your home, prioritise and create new storage options for things and perhaps even sell unwanted things online which can be a nice boost to the bank balance. If you are stuck for different methods, then websites like can help.

I hope these tips help you to add some unique touches to your interior decoration.

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