Baby Button’s First Pumpkin Patch

So, it’s the season for pumpkins and we all know what my plans were this year.

After much pumpkin patch related angst, I settled on Kenyon Hall Farm. It’s actually only ten minutes away from us by car, and it comes very highly recommended.. Not just for the pumpkins, but all year round for the various ‘pick-your-own’ fruits and vegetables, a wonderful café and a well stocked shop with lots of locally produced goodies.

We actually visited twice – once when we had that little gift of sunny weather and then again after I begged Mike as our memory card hadn’t been in the camera the first time. Both times, the car park was busy and the farm was a hive of activity – the café full, and a school trip of tiny children obviously going to pick some pumpkins!

The second time we visited, my Mother-in-law popped along with us (neither her nor Mike had visited before despite living right next to it!) and she was just as enamoured as we were. There was a cheeky purchase happen of various locally sourced beer and wine at this point, as Monday was Mike’s birthday – he deserved a treat!

Prices ranged from £1 for the smallest pumpkins, up to over £25 for some huge great big pumpkins that could fit a small child in. You could buy from the tent where they had been pre-picked, or brave the muddy patches themselves – we chose the latter, but came back inside after a muddy search and picked ours from the table. Originally, we came home with two £2 pumpkins which I ended up using in our back garden to show Baby Button a pumpkin – as our camera hadn’t saved any photographs from our first trip.

The second trip, we settled on a £1 pumpkin which is going to be for Baby Button. I already know what to carve on it – you’ll see.

After our obligatory photographs, we paid for our tiny little haul and made our way out, promising we’d be back in summer to truly see what the farm had to offer. I’m hoping by that point my driving lessons may have paid off, and I can visit with Baby Button whenever we like – keep your fingers crossed!

Which pumpkin patch did you visit this year?

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