Become More Spiritually In Tune This Winter

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The winter is quite harsh on most people, myself included. Not only does it make us groggy in the mornings, but it can lead us into a cycle of behavior which suppresses our standard progressive drives. For example, it’s much easier to overeat as a form of comfort. It’s much easier to neglect our standard hobbies instead of getting in front of the television and fire and snuggling up to our spouses or pets to relax. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s any less need to work on ourselves in the winter. When we do feel like partying and attending outdoor events in the summer, the work we do here will go a long way in keeping us active and appreciative in our daily lives.

Here are some tips for doing so!

Yoga With Friends
The best way to overcome a difficulty in keeping on top of your standard yoga workout is to begin the hobby with friends. If you haven’t before, why not encourage your friends to join you in the pursuit? People who begin yoga often find themselves unable to stop, especially when they progress more in the discipline. Having someone at your side to laugh with and enjoy the customized yoga workout you don’t want to miss out on together will give you that feeling of community while you’re working on your flexibility and meditative qualities. Getting more spiritually in tune is sometimes as simple as becoming on closer terms with the people around us, far and above any meditations on esoteric scripture or instruction.
To inform your ability in yoga even more, why not try Vipassana meditation? It’s proven to be the most effective and the most popularized form of meditation around in our Western cultures. Not only will it afford you many similar benefits that Yoga does, but it can help you work on your breathing awareness and focus which again will translate in going the extra inch in achieving that pose you’ve been trying to crack for some time. If anything, it will help you relax into your yoga sessions, even if they’re taking place in more biting weather.
Of course, sometimes becoming more spiritually in tune is about taking an even further load off and reading around the subjects you find interesting. Of course, we’d suggest reading books about the Vedic practitioners of Yoga, and maybe even culturally significant religious texts such as the Tao Te Ching, the Bhagavad Gita as well as works from more contemporary authors such as Alan Watts and Ram Dass. These books can give you an interest in the spiritual world and find more about the philosophical side to Yoga, which can inform your understanding of the practise even more than usual.
Of course, the best method for you to ever experience these benefits is to simply attend your yoga classes each time, and never be afraid to ask the questions about the craft you need to. Who knows, by implementing the tips placed here, you could be the best student in the class in no time, impressing your tutor and fellow attendees alike.
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