Benefits Of An ECU Upgrade For Your Car

An ECU is known by several different terms. The abbreviation stands for ‘engine control unit’. Nevertheless, a lot of other people know this as the PCM – powertrain control module. But the real question is; what actually is it? In basic terms your car’s ECU is the brains of the vehicle; the computer. The computer essentially controls the engine of your car as a result. This, in turn, means that it controls an array of different components, including; ignition timing, horsepower, how much fuel to pump, the amount of carbon dioxide being exhausted, and much more. Therefore, it is quite easy to see that the ECU is an imperative component of any vehicle.

There are lots of possibilities in terms of upgrading your ECU, no matter whether you have a Vauxhall Viva, a Nissan, or any other type of car. You merely need to think about it in terms of being a computer. Look at the wealth of different home computers available in stores today. There are some that are better than others and so you can upgrade. This is no different when it comes to your car’s engine control unit either. This is a computer that will run better if you take the time to seek a quality upgrade. But, how does an improved ECU take effect?

Well, one of the most frequent upgrades translates to getting a computer with better control over the fuel. If your ECU is improved then it will have much better control when it comes to the air to fuel ratio in your car. In turn, this means that you will not need to fill up your vehicle as much as you usually would. Not only is this the case, but you will reap the gains of added horsepower and extra torque. This will make your car more efficient as it becomes a lot faster and more responsive to the throttle.

In fact, similarly to normal computers once more, there are engine control units that actually have different programs available for you to run on them. For instance, there is the valet mode. This will computerise your car in order to ensure engine power is limited. Another popular mode is the anti-theft option. This great program allows you to make your car a lot more secure via implementing a password before the car can be started. This is something well worth considering, especially in areas of high crime. After all, it will make it virtually impossible to steal a vehicle with a passcode in place.

You are probably thinking that an ECU upgrade is going to cost you extortionate amounts, yet this is certainly not the case. The costs vary depending on the type of upgrade you go for and the car you have at present. Nonetheless, this is something that is likely to cost you hundreds of pounds not thousands.

To conclude, it is quite evident to see how important your ECU is. If you upgrade your engine control unit then you can dramatically enhance the performance and the efficiency of your vehicle. Make sure you consider your options carefully before you decide on what type of upgrade you are going to go for.

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