Once upon a time..
I used to blog, a long time ago at Due to my old e-mail being hacked, that blog name was lost and I thought all my content with it. The loss of my old blog was painful, and while I did try to revive it via various other names I didn’t have my heart like I once had.. I quit.

I walked away from blogging, closing all my doors.

In 2015, towards the end, I decided that it wasn’t the end of the world.. Surely people came for my writing, my photography, my experiences – not just a name. was registered, and life alongside the blog began once more.

Why Lavender Lemonade?
I have anxiety. I’m winning the battle against it at the moment, I did frequently update my blog about it but due to the nature of my work and its compromise with my blogging life I reverted them to draft. Lavender lemonade is a recipe I was advised to try to combat this anxiety without reverting to prescription medication, and it stuck with me throughout the years – so I thought it apt that the next great step in my life took this name.

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