Twenty things I love about Autumn.

Autumn has arrived in England, and here in the North West we haven’t been disappointed. Leaves are crispy and golden, pumpkin décor is in the stores and I’m posting about twenty of my Autumn favourites!
1. The cooler nights. Lets be honest, those hot sticky summer nights aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. I hate being too hot in bed so I’m one hundred percent looking forward to the cooler nights – and the bigger, fluffier duvets!

2. Walking in the crisp leaves. I love dragging my feet and hearing the leaves crinkle as I walk.

3. Taking hot coffee to work in a thermal cup. I know you can do it during summer, but there really is something special about walking to work with your hands wrapped around your mug, feeling the warmth soothe you on a frosty morning.

4. Jumpers, knee high boots and scarves. Do I need to explain more? I adore jumpers, I love the jumper dress trend, and no boot is a boot unless its knee high right?

5. The colour palette. Mustards, plums, maroons – all colours I endorse. I’m a fan of rust this year, having already acquired a rust hat and scarf combination to snuggle into.

6. Night time rain storms. These can happen all year round, but as we creep closer to winter it takes on a whole new feeling as we layer up the duvets and listen to the weather lashing at the windows.

7. It’s Pumpkin Spice season. Enough said.

8. Scented candles. Again, another thing you can have all year round but when frost bites at the windows there is a huge amount of comfort that can be found in a candle flickering.

9. Darker nights. Lighter nights are all well and good, but I do enjoy the darker nights when they close in – especially during that transition between Autumn and Winter when the Christmas lights begin to slowly appear in windows.

10. Conkers! Natures own interior design favourite. You can use them in so many ways, and for conkering too obviously. I recommend the trick of clear nail polish, or the oven personally. The art of conker-hunting isn’t to be scoffed at either!

11. The food. When hearty, soul warming food comes back on the menu I couldn’t be happier. Thick chunky stews, homemade soups, suet puddings – I can’t help but adore the stodgy goodness Autumn brings us.

12. Pumpkin. Not the Pumpkin Spice brand, but the regular fresh pumpkin. Roasted, blended and served in a soup there can be no better. As we creep closer to the 31st of the month, they come in handy for creating a creepy centerpiece too!

13. Halloween. Costume preparation, the chance to see your neighbours all dressed up and often the wonderful feel of community spirit – Halloween brings out the best in most of us. We often go to a lot of trouble making the front of the house look spooky – I remember when I lived at my parents home in Bradford we even had a spooky sound system!

14. Bonfire Night. Remember remember the 5th of November.. I don’t know if November classes as winter, but the smell of bonfires and spent fireworks always makes me think of Autumn. My personal favourite is bonfire toffee – I can’t wait until it starts cropping up in the sweet shops!

15. Allergies go away! Finally, those with the dreaded pollen allergies can have a little bit of a let up!

16. Warm Vimto. A seasonal favourite in the North West it seems, warm Vimto seems to have crept into the children’s favourite drinks and I honestly can’t complain. It really is a hug in a mug.

17. Crafting. The more seasonal side of crafting comes in, using things that can really only come into their own at this time of year. From the spectrum of leaves, to acorns to branches.. All come into their own this season. This time of year you’ll hear my knitting needles click click clicking.

18. Wooly hats are appropriate again. I adore hats. I’m so glad I can go about my business wearing one again – in summer unless it’s raining, I don’t get chance to hide my bad hair days under a snug bobble hat.

19. My cropped summer jackets can go back into the wardrobe. Out it is with the thick, sturdy woollen jackets. I think it’s pretty obvious I don’t get along with spring/summer fashion all that much. Give me hats, scarves and wellies any day.

20. It’s closer to Christmas! Need I say more?

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