7 Of The Best Halloween Mocktails!

You didn’t think I’d be leaving the teetotallers and children out of my Halloween drinks, did you? I shared 7 Of The Best Halloween Cocktails yesterday, and today I’m sharing the ‘mocktails’ (although there are a few punches and beers in here too, sorry!).

First up is this neon purple concoction, which would be perfect as a centrepiece for any witchy get together. The Black Fruit Punchbowl is great for any occasion – not just Halloween, but I think it does have a certain element of black magic about it. What do you think?

A little bit of activated charcoal makes something as twee as lemonade into something straight from the pages of an Anne Rice novel. Black Lemonade is my new favourite thing, and I feel like I’m heading straight back to my gothic childhood when I look at it.

I haven’t had the pleasure of going to the studio tour in London (although I’m biding my time, all these pregnant Thorpe Park and Alton Tower trips have to be some sort of leverage right?) but by all accounts the Butterbeer is something to be tested. So muggles like me will have to get by making our own, thankfully there are lots of recipes out there – I settled on this one!

Another punch recipe – this time for the Dragon’s Blood Punchbowl. Very fitting for any Game of Thrones themed shenanigans this year, this is perfect for children and adults alike.

One of my favourites! Swamp Juice – something about the ice cream float and colour is particularly impressive for me. I can imagine gathering the children around and telling them some terrifying story as to why this Swamp Juice is on the menu… For them not to want it so I can drink it all. I do think a few jelly worms would make this even more hideous!

Another favourite – I don’t think we have enough green drinks in the year round cycle, so Halloween I get to indulge.
Witches Potion! This time they have included jelly worms, and it looks fantastic. For the younger ones, maybe the lime garnish is too much – but I’m sure something could be improvised from the wide array of Halloween candies available this time of year.

Last but certainly not least is the Hocus Pocus Fizz. This can be adapted to be alcoholic if you so desire, but there is a definite fun element to this drink that appeals to the young and old alike. Along with grapes, I’d consider adding in some ‘eyeballs’ (lychees!) too – what about you?

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