Looking Back On October 2015, At Hirst Wood Saltaire

This year, I’ve taken on the ‘Blogtober‘ challenge.
That basically means that every day this month, I’ll be posting something new here on the blog – I have lots of different things lined up from fashion articles to spookier, more Halloween themed content so I’m looking forward to getting to share all that with you.
I do love October – I’m a winter baby so when Autumn begins to creep in I feel much more at home. The photographs I’m sharing today, are from a few years ago in Yorkshire – Hirst Wood in Saltaire to be exact. Hirst Wood is one of my childhood haunts, where I used to run around the woods with one of my closest friends pretending to be a Pokémon trainer. When summer has created an enchanting world of bloom and greenery, everything starts taking on a more rusty hue – and one of my favourite days was caught on camera.

Running through the woods are a number of different veins – the river Aire, the Leeds/Liverpool Canal and the railway each carve their paths through the woodland – although in the thickest areas you would never know.

I’m yet to find a place in Merseyside that captures my autumnal heart as much as Hirst Wood does, but hopefully I can travel up for another wander this year before it becomes a little bit of a no mans land with mud and ice taking over the pathways!
As much as I do love winter, there is something distinctly unappealing about wet feet and muddy, crusty shoes – I haven’t had chance to reinvest in any winter boots either (I’m keeping an eye out for comfortable pregnancy-friendly boots this year) so I won’t be adventuring too hard just yet.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, this is part of the Blogtober series. I’m going to do my best to keep to a schedule, and I have wonderful things planned for each and every day – but please bare with me if I do fall behind. I’ll try not to keep you waiting for too long!
This post is part of She & Life’s Blogtober Series!

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