Caring Less About The Mess & More About The Rest

It’s no secret that for the last fortnight we’ve had a plague house instead of a home. From one virus to another, we haven’t had chance to gather ourselves and I’ve worked myself into a frenzy trying to stay on top of all the washing, cleaning, cooking, recycling.. The list goes on.

After a trudge up to the doctors office yesterday, it was confirmed we have housed yet another viral bug and this one was the snotty-runny-grumpy kind. I should be grateful as there are some much nastier things doing the rounds at the moment (Measles, Hand Foot and Mouth just to make a few) but it doesn’t make those 2am diarrhoea explosions any easier to cope with.

I had an epiphany, after walking to Aldi in the rain and soggy leaves, to get BB some fruit pouches. It’s the only thing he’ll eat when he’s poorly, and I’m beyond arguing with him — so we’ll fill his belly his way. My epiphany was groundbreaking for me, although I’m sure some other Mums I know have hit this and have reached the nirvana beyond.

I need to stop caring about the mess, and more about making sure the baby is happy. Who cares about things being a bit upturned if he’s happy?

I don’t. Tidying can always happen when he sneaks in a nap, or goes to bed.

I don’t need to struggle balancing everything when I should be focused on making him feel happy, and in the long term — better. I’ve made it clear to friends and family I don’t like people just ‘dropping in’ so I can just lock the door and live in our mess until he’s ready for me to get on with things. Nobody is going to suffer because I have a few things in the sink to wash, or a load of washing to put on the line — apart from me, and I can learn to loosen up about it.

That suits me!

How do you cope when you have a little one home and restless because of a virus? Do you have any epiphanies of your own you can enlighten me with?

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