DI-Why? 5 Reasons To Try Your Own Home Repairs and Improvements

Fewer of us are attempting DIY tasks in our home, instead relying on contractors to do it for us. Whilst there are certain times when it’s definitely safer and more sensible to call the professionals such as electrics and gas plumbing, many general repairs and improvements are perfectly suitable for DIYing. Here are just a few reasons to take the plunge and do it yourself.

You can save money

One of the biggest advantages of going DIY is that you will save money doing it in most cases. Because you’re not paying for the labour of contractors, you’re simply paying for the tools and materials. You can hire tools rather than buying them using sites such as HSS Hire. Meanwhile there are plenty of companies for sourcing materials such as George Hill Timber. You can even consider reclaimed materials and off-colour paints to save money if you’re not fussy.

You can do it in your own time

Whilst going DIY does mean putting the hours in yourself, you have more freedom as to when you do this work. Many contractors will want to get the job done all in one go, whilst DIYing it allows you to spread out the job and do the parts first that you think are most important. This could allow you to keep a kitchen or bathroom operational for use whilst renovations are going on.

You’ll be more in tune with your own home

Getting involved in DIY makes you more aware of wear and tear in your home. You may be able to diagnose where a leak is coming from more easily or take preventative action earlier to prevent a pipe bursting or mould developing. You may also learn to be more energy efficient and you may treat appliances with more care in order to preserve them.

It’s easier than ever before to teach yourself

In years gone by, the only way to learn DIY skills was through a book, through someone else or through trial and error. Nowadays, the internet has made it possible to learn all kinds of skill online with the help of how-to blog post and video tutorials. You can even find missing instructions for old products online and get tips on specific brands and models of fixtures. DIY Doctor is just one popular site worth trying for tips and advice.

It will be more rewarding

Going DIY can also be more rewarding than calling in contractors. Because you’ve put your own blood, sweat and tears into it, you’ll appreciate the result more. It could give you more of a pride in your home and you’ll be able to impress guests by telling them you did it yourself.

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