Easy Ways to Shed those Pounds without Dieting or Exercising

If you want to lose weight without having to count calories or even exercising, then you will be glad to know that this is very easy to do. In fact, you might even find that you achieve way better results than ever before!

Chew Thoroughly

Your brain needs a good amount of time to process the food you eat. It also needs time to know when you’ve had enough as well, and the better you understand this process, the more weight you could lose. Chewing your food thoroughly helps you to eat slower and this is strongly associated with decreased food intake. Eventually, you will feel as though you are getting fuller faster and that you are also able to decrease your portion size. Studies have shown time and time again that those who eat fast are much more likely to be obese, so by getting into the habit of slowing down, you can be sure to really help yourself.

Use Smaller Plates

Using a smaller plate can really help you to lose weight. The reason for this is because it makes your portions look larger which essentially tricks your brain. If you were to use a bigger plate, then this would make your portion size look smaller and it could also cause you to add more food to it as well. If you want to give yourself the biggest benefit then serve unhealthy food on a smaller plate, and serve healthy food or even vegetables on a bigger plate. When you do this, you will find eating healthier way more satisfying and you won’t feel as though you are cutting down on your portion size either.


Protein has a very powerful impact on appetite. It can increase your feeling of being full and it can also reduce your hunger as well. It will help you to eat less calories, and this can affect your hormone levels as well. One study found that by increasing your protein from 15% to as much as 30%, you can eat way less, and you won’t have to worry about restricting any foods either. If you eat a breakfast that is rich in grain then this is great, but if you want to boost the benefits of your healthy-eating regime then you might want to opt for a protein-rich meal instead.

Increase your Caffeine Intake

Believe it or not, caffeine can play a huge role in your weight loss regime. Caffeine helps to boost your metabolism and it also gives your body the chance to burn through calories way faster as well. If you don’t like coffee then you have nothing to worry about because loose leaf tea is a great alternative that works just as well. When you do prepare your coffee or tea, just make sure that you are not adding any extra calories to it. You need to avoid things like sugar, cream, milk or any other kind of sweetener. This will give you the biggest benefits and it will also help you to develop new and way healthier habits.

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