8 Free Ways To Make Mum Feel Like A Queen On Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and the hype surrounding it is real! Huge bouquets of flowers, pot plants emblazoned with ‘Mummy’ and even jewellery have been sneaking into our advertisements for weeks now. Even I’ve been drawn in, admiring the Emma Bridgewater mugs and dreaming about a big fat tulip bouquet being there to greet me on Sunday.

After a conversation with my Grandmother however, I see things a little bit differently. Yes, it would be nice to be surprised on Mothering Sunday with something expensive and pretty… But you know what would be better? Being appreciated and that’s free.

Coffee in bed, breakfast in bed.

These are pretty self explanatory, and… While not exactly free, I challenge you to find a mother who doesn’t have coffee in her cupboard. Usually my first coffee of the day is luke warm and packed with sugar as I wrestle breakfast into a toddler who is more interested in becoming the next Bear Grylls at 5am in the front room.

Having someone get up and be the one who has to do that while I leisurely sip at a hot coffee? Well that just sounds like bliss.

A bath, with no interruptions!

Do you know how I have to bath?

I usually jump in briefly with BB and quickly wash, doing my hair over the side of the bath. That’s if he doesn’t bless the bath with a poo. When people compliment my hair being shiny, I do smile inside and wonder if it’s the pee that inevitably ends up rinsing my hair as I share my personal care routine with a young boy toddler.

A walk with the family.

Spending some time about away from TV, YouTube, CBeebies, phones and gaming machines.

Perfection. Just spend some time talking, appreciating and acknowledging the world around you with the lady who gave you life.

Making dinner — and doing the dishes afterwards!

If you have a household like ours, if you do the cooking you clear away afterwards. And if anyone else does the cooking, you clear away afterwards too. Give mum a break and do the whole thing today.

Homemade card or gifts.

It’s a very cliche thing to say but something homemade is pretty special to a mum. To a certain extent anyway! I’m not sure a handmade card from a thirty-something has the same heart wobbling sentimental value as a handmade card from a preschooler but it’s the thought that counts. You can always check Pinterest out for ideas!

Make her a hot drink and let her drink it while it’s hot.

Luke warm tea or coffee doesn’t have the same restorative properties as a hot one. Have you seen a mother when she’s had a drink while it’s hot? It’s magical.

Watch something she likes with her!

At the end of a long day of CBeebies, sometimes all a mum wants is to put her feet up and trash watch Hollyoaks, Ru Paul or that last episode of Four in a Bed where they all argue. Not Top Gear or some documentary on railways.

Just sit down and watch the trash TV, just for today.

Just give her that extra hour in bed!

Just let her have it and you’ll be well on your way to making your mum happy this Mother’s Day!

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