So, I’m Abnormal?

So when I went to the GP this week about reoccurring hip pains, it was a shock. I had undergone tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis as it runs very rampant in my family – my Mum was diagnosed at 28 – so that was the bombshell I was expecting to get. But it wasn’t.
As I sat there squirming in the chair, a part of me was glad to have something diagnosed – I felt very sensitive about the issue.
For the last year or so, one of my hips has been causing me problems. I didn’t think to get checked at first because hey – I was thirty years old, about time I had some aches and pains right? When I began my new exercise regime in January, that’s when I knew I had to see someone. Squatting and doing certain leg exercises was becoming very uncomfortable, and I found myself having to explain myself to the boot camp trainer as to why I couldn’t do certain flexes. He was very understanding thankfully and didn’t just take me as someone who was slacking – I really did want to push myself, but I just couldn’t.
My hip would lock at certain points, and it would constantly feel like needles are prickling on my right side. So it was time to suck it up and go to my GP – which in turn, led to x-rays.
Anyway, squirming on the chair with the GP. He looked very calm as he shuffled the papers on his desk, and cleared his throat.
“Your blood tests came back clear of RA.”
For that, I was thankful – and I knew my Mother would be too. It had been a definite thorn in our sides since I admitted to her I had to have blood tests and x-rays – Rheumatoid Arthritis had changed her life and although she had seriously embraced the new direction life had taken, it had taken some dark times during her transition to being in a wheelchair to get to this point. I’m nowhere near as strong as my Mother, I don’t know how I would have coped with going through what she did – no doubt I’d have been a none-stop trainwreck.
Back to the squirming..
“Your x-rays have something we have to discuss, though.”
Oh, oh..
“You know your hip is a ball joint, right? Well, yours are.. Abnormal.”
Turns out, my joints have extra growths on them. So my ball joint is more like a ball joint with an added extra – which was causing the pains in my hip. I was reeling at this point, especially as I had no issues prior to 2016 with my hip.
“That isn’t everything.. Both of your hips have this abnormality – I’m going to refer you to an orthopaedic surgeon.”
My hips have something called Femoro Acetabular Impingement. Usually found in males due to the difference in hip shape (hey, I can officially say my hips are manly) it’s only recently come to light. You can read more about Femoro Acetabular Impingement here, but there are some pretty gory photographs so don’t click if you’ve just sat down for dinner.
Because mine is so advanced, it does mean that surgery is somewhere in the none-too-distant future for me. I’m awaiting a consultation with the surgeon, but speaking with my Mother on the phone today I’ve resolved to blog my way through this thing. I don’t know what might be coming and when, but I know that I’m going to need to write my way through the bumps in the road.
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