Four Quick Fixes For A Lighter, Brighter Space

Sometimes, you look around you and realise something has to change. Perhaps those paint colours you loved are starting to look dated, or your scheme is missing a few special touches. You’ve been living life in the space without really seeing it, but all of a sudden you see that improvements need to be made. You probably don’t have hours to spend figuring out what changes could be made that will really lift the look of your living space. If you’re unsure where to get started here’s what to consider first…

Rearrange, Reuse, Replace

The quickest way to freshen up the look of your living space? Get creative with the layout. You don’t have to invest in all new living room furniture, often rearranging what you do have has a dramatic effect. Consider what you use the space for – socialising? Relaxing with a book? And then make sure your arrangement is conducive to that – so it could be a low slung corner sofa to encourage conversation, or a comfy chair with a statement lamp to create a reading corner. Simply changing the layout can make space brighter by opening it up and improving the flow.

Accessorise Your Space

A few well-chosen accessories can make all the difference with introducing light. First of all, think about your window dressings. Introducing some blinds in a lightweight material can allow more light in, or solutions such as louvered plantation shutters keep your privacy while allowing sunshine to flood the inside of your home. Add in plenty of large mirrors, angled to reflect and bounce those rays around the room and you can easily create that airy feeling, even in the darkest of rooms. It’s all about making the most of the natural light available.

Rethink The Lighting Scheme

The lighting of a room itself is massively important but yet often overlooked. There are so many options, and getting the right lighting for the space is all about the mood you want to create. For a calm, ultra-modern feel, concealed LED strip lights can flood gloomy corners with light. Dramatic clusters of pendant fittings can highlight an area such as a sofa or a dining table to perfection. Have an interesting architectural feature? Down or uplighters can make the most of it and create even more drama. The right lamp can add intimacy to a setting and draw people in to an area. And don’t forget candles, too – a great way to add interest to a featureless corner is to add a storm lanterns arranged with pillar candles to the mix.

Consider Adding Natural Light

If a space really needs help, you can also increase the natural light – Veluxes can flood a space with light where a traditional window wouldn’t be appropriate. If you want to bring light through from another room, consider replacing solid wooden doors with glazed panel ones, or you could even get glazed bricks inserted in internal walls to allow light through. If you have the chance to design your living room from scratch, make windows integral to your design, centering the room around large bi-fold doors letting the outdoors in or simply consulting with your builder to maximise the light.

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