Gluten Free / Dairy Free & Vegan Mincemeat Slices

Hello! Its Christmas very soon, and I’m here to share something I discovered last year and just can’t let go of now the festive season is here again. Some gluten free, dairy free festive treats! These are so incredibly easy and moreish, I can’t help but share them. I found these are perfect for that post-season mincemeat overload in the cupboard too!

To make these, you’ll need:
  • 150g (or 5oz) of dairy free margarine such as Vitalite or Pure dairy free margarine*
  • 74g (3oz) soft brown sugar*
  • 225g (8oz) wholewheat flour*
  • 110g (4oz) gluten free porridge oats*
  • 225g (8oz) of vegetarian mincemeat, a smalll jar covered us.
*we did end up doubling these for a thicker, crumbly texture.
Step by step:
  • Preheat your oven to 200°c
  • Melt the brown sugar and margarine gently in a pan, stirring as you go. Make sure this isn’t too fast as you don’t want the sugar or margarine burning!
  • Mix the flour and porridge oats in a bowl, and when the sugar/margarine mixture is liquefied remove it from the heat before stirring in your oat/flour mixture. Stir well and slowly!
  • When well blended, spoon half of the mixture into your cake tin. The firmer you press, the tighter packed the base will be.
  • Once the base is covered, spoon on the mincemeat.
  • Use the remaining oat mixture over the top of the mincemeat, again pressing down a little more firmly if you want a less crumbly texture.
  • Bake in the centre of an oven (preheated to 200°c) for 20 minutes.
  • Once golden brown, cut into the desired amount and then leave to cool fully before removing!
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