Growing Up With Playgro’s Blossom the Butterfly

Blossom the Butterfly by Playgro has been a pretty popular fixture in our home since Baby Button was a few weeks old. Now as he nears twenty weeks, she’s still a firm companion of his!

Currently hooked on his play mat, Blossom is designed to give your baby lots of different textures and sounds to explore – from crinkly sounding wings to a rather amusing sound when you shake her, she’s a well rounded product that Baby Button has attached himself to quite happily.

Let’s look a little closer shall we?

A plush butterfly with various features for babies

As you can see, Blossom provides a visually stimulating experience for babies – with lots of vivid, clashing colours and textures for little fingers to explore. This allows for tactile development, as well as keeping the item aesthetically pleasing too. I personally don’t think this product is aimed at either gender – some might argue the pink hues and eyelashes are aiming towards a more feminine market but Baby Button has absolutely no problem toting a link butterfly on his errands with me.

Because of the c-clip provided on Blossom, she can be hooked on prams or like us, mats to provide stimulation wherever needed. I found it to be a little too big to hook on our pram’s hood, but Baby Button does like to be nosy so needs some room to look around when he’s in his pram.

The teething rings on the bottom of Blossom aren’t a replacement for a good quality teether, but they do provide light relief for when baby discovers that chewing helps aching gums. I found the plastic a little brittle and it’s the one feature Baby Button doesn’t use as intended – he just likes using the rings as a handhold.

While the plastic does feel brittle, it feels very hardy. The quality of materials used for Blossom is high, making me feel reassured – and with Baby Button conducting his own stress tests on the product we’ve had no problems. I even had to put Blossom in the washing machine (a poo related incident. Sorry Blossom.) And she came out of the 60° hour long ‘quick wash’ no worse for wear.

As he gets older, he’s using the more tactile aspects of Blossom – as a newborn, the sounds were what attracted him. Then the mirror. Now the smaller pieces, such as the loops and ribbons are attracting his attention – he really has grown up with Blossom and hopefully, she’ll accompany him for a few more months to come.

At £7.99, Blossom is an absolute must for your little one!

We received Blossom the Butterfly in our Smyths Toystore goody bag when we attended the Meet The Experts event earlier this year. I haven’t been asked to review this item, but I’m doing so on my own initiative.

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