Happy Mothers Day

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This is a post for all the Mothers out there.

It’s a dreary Sunday, rain is rattling against the the windows and you slowly drag yourself out of bed for possibly the fifth time to get up and begin your day. Sleepily warming a bottle alongside clumsily making a coffee, the light outside is still dim – it’s still way before 7am but your day has officially begun.

Whether your morning routine is done one handed as you cuddle a grumpy, hungry infant or whether you have arms grasping your legs as you pour cereal – today is your day. Happy Mothers Day. Whether you receive an extravagant token from your loved ones, or a handmade present laced with love, know that you are celebrated.

Even if you don’t have anything given to you today, know that in those eyes looking up at you is a whole world of love. You, to those eyes, have unconditional love. You, to those eyes, are every superhero they dream about at night after you’ve tucked them in. You are everything. You protect them in this world, you help mould them into people who could someday change everything – not a responsibility to be taken lightly.

A special mention also, for the Mothers who don’t hold their charges anymore. Whether they have grown up and flown the nest, or whether the rainbow has taken them under it’s arches – you are strong, wonderful women.

To those amongst us who have lost Mothers, Happy Mothers Day. While today will be hard, take some time to reflect on your Mother and don’t let her memory fade. I’m sure she will be looking down on you with pride, supporting you and cheering you on in all of what you do.

Happy Mothers Day, everyone.

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