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Running marketing promotions for your business is one of the great joys of being a business owner and marketing professional. You can go any which way you like with a promotion. You could stick to the classic flyers and email newsletters with a social media campaign.

Or you can spice things up a bit, send out a carrot to people for Easter, create personalised wholesale drink pouches and fill them with your product to send out as a sample. You can be as crazy or as reserved as you like. The ultimate key is to be remembered by your audience and to gain good publicity from it. If you are thinking of running a campaign but you aren’t too sure where to start, here are some ideas:
Spreading a message.

If you are working as a charity or organisation, you might want to create a product to give out which sends a message in a profound way. A great example of this is a promotion which the team at Alzheimer’s New Zealand put together to bring awareness to the illness. They sent out an empty USB with no way of storing files, and wrote the message ‘Alzheimer’s erases your memory. Save it.’ This is such a simple concept but it had a massive impact on the people who received it.

Pull A Prank.

There’s no better way to show who you are as a company than to share something a little bit quirky and take advantage of some childhood toys and pranks. It could be a can of bean which when opened spills fabric everywhere, or maybe it is a whoopee cushion with your logo on it and a clever phrase. There are loads of ways to use childhood toys to bring a fun memory back to the audience as well as spread your message.

A public display.

You might remember a couple of years back that a staircase in Stockholm was transformed into a piano overnight. The aim of the experiment was to make people ditch the escalator and climb the stairs instead. They ran the test over a few days and before the experiment hardly anyone used the stairs, but as soon as the piano appeared pretty much everyone did. This is a great example of a successful public campaign.

TV references.

One of the clever ways you can promote your company to a wider audience will always be creating something which coincides with the premiere of a film or a TV series. For example, when the last Harry Potter movie had been aired, many different companies jumped on the bandwagon by creating things which related to the film. This could be videos showing viewers how to make butterbeer, mystery bath bombs which would have a colour inside coinciding to one of the four houses, or even makeup brushes in the shape of wands. By taking advantage of something which has a cult following, you are likely to spread your reach much further and gain a loyal following.

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