Headaches: The Epidemic You Should Be Aware Of

Did you know that only a very small percentage of the public don’t suffer with headaches? Around 97% of people, just like you, suffer from headaches fairly regularly. It’s easy to see that they have become somewhat of an epidemic over recent years, and definitely something we should all be clued up on. Just why are we all suffering from headaches now, and what can we do about it?

Medication – A Saviour Or Something You Should Avoid?

Many people don’t think twice when they have a headache. They reach for the nearest jar of pills and pop a couple, safe in the knowledge that the pain should subside fairly soon. However, medication definitely isn’t the saviour many think it is. Rather than getting to the root of the problem and eradicating your headaches from there, you are simply masking the problem. No doubt it will come back again sooner rather than later, and you’ll get into a vicious cycle of taking medication, that in the long run, really isn’t doing anything good for your body. Instead of reaching for a painkiller, you should get to the root of the problem. Why are you having headaches? Some people like to find out quickly and efficiently by using a Dr App Online to help them. However, those who have more time may prefer to book an appointment. Try to do the following things every day to help your pain subside too:

Cut Down On Screen Time

In recent years, screen time is something many of us struggle to cut down on. We have TVs, tablets, smartphones, and all kinds of other things that mean we basically stare at a screen for hours each day. Not only does this dilute the quality of our lives, it can also cause many health issues, including headaches.

Focus On What You’re Putting Into Your Body

The body needs natural, unprocessed foods to survive. That means filling up on your vegetables, and as many other natural foods as possible. Of course you aren’t expected to be perfect, but if you eat nothing but processed junk food (that can even sometimes be disguised as health food) you’re not doing your head any favours. Learn to read nutritional labels. The fewer ingredients, the better!

Take The Time To De-stress

Many of us lead fast paced, stressful lives. Do you take the time to de-stress? Meditation is an amazing tool that can be used to relax and clear your mind. Most find that with a continued practice, they reduce their headaches dramatically. You can also take baths, go for walks, and simply try a hobby that you love.


Exercise releases endorphins, making us happy in the short-term. When you continue, you improve your health in the long-term. You should never look at exercise as a way to ‘look’ better. It’s a way to feel better, live longer, and get more out of life!

Now you’re aware of the headache epidemic, don’t pop pills whenever you get a pain. Start living a healthier lifestyle overall and you will reduce your headaches!

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