Heritage Home Wooden Design Tips

If you have a heritage home, or are indeed planning to purchase one, then you will need to know how to maintain the period features inside the property so that the building does not lose its character. However, there are times whereby damage requires you to change aspects of the period property, and therefore you have to be extremely careful with your decision. This post will help to ensure that you do not go wrong and can still keep the heritage features prevalent inside your UK home.

Things to Consider When Choosing Wooden Doors for Your Heritage Home

Heritage homes usually have traditional and rustic doors fitted inside then, many though are subject to wear and tear and can start to become shabby, creaky and of course a little past their sell-by date. No matter what type of repairs you try to do on the doors, there comes a point where it is inevitable that the door needs to be replaced. Wooden doors can help to bring back the old rustic feeling that your worn and torn doors offer.

It’s important to make sure that you carefully discuss your wants with the contractor whom you have assigned to put the doors in. For example, if you have any period wallpaper that is situated around the door frames, make sure that they know to take great care when removing the door frames, and take preventative measures to ensure that minimal damage is done. You can also have the company install the doorframes over the gaps that were left where the décor will have worn a little as the old frames were being taken out. Try your best to keep the original fittings like the period door handles, brass knobs, and wherever possible try to have the door hinges restored and reused. Of course, this is not going to be possible all of the time, but sometimes it will work well. This all helps to make sure that, whilst you are taking steps to have newer doors and frames, you are still keeping the original idea that your property was built around.

Things to Bear In Mind When Installing New Worktops to Your Heritage Property

The kitchen is usually one of the main features of a heritage property. Many of them are adorned with period features made from English traditional oak or pine. Back in the olden days, no expense was spared to ensure that the lady of the house had a kitchen that she could use as the heart of the home. Of course, though, wooden worktops in your kitchen will start to get scratched and damaged over long periods of time. Back in the olden days, when your home would have been designed, the worktops would not have been treated with the innovative treatments that are around today to help preserve things for longer. Therefore, the wood can start to look dull, water damaged and a little worse for wear. When you have reached the point of no return and finally do have to replace the worktops make sure that you carefully discuss the options available with the company you have assigned to do the construction work on your heritage home. Let the contractor know that you want to purchase as a close a match as possible to the already existing materials, and preserve the cupboards and fittings that are there too. If you are replacing them, make sure that you hire a company that knows how to work with old-fashioned kitchens. Look for a company who boasts a portfolio consisting of period property conversions, like bespoke shaker kitchens, and you will be left with a kitchen area that is fit for a king.

The key thing with any type of wooden fixture in a heritage home is to ensure that the original feel is kept. After all, what would be the point in living in or owning a period property if you fail to achieve this? You might as well move into a new development.

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