How To Continue Travelling When You Have A Child

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You hear a lot of cliches when you have a child. There’s all the talk about how little sleep you must be getting, how all of your money is tied up in your children, and so on. Then there’s one that’s just accepted as a truism: that if you have a child, you have to stop travelling, or at least limit your travelling experiences for a week or two next to a pool at a big resort. But if you’ve spent your life travelling the globe, you’re unlikely to want to stop now! The question is, do you have to? The answer is simple: no, you don’t. But you might have to adapt a little. Below, I take a look a ten tips that’ll help you carry on travelling with children!

Changing Your Ways.

There might have been a time when you’d see what flights were available, quickly book it, and then figure out the rest when you landed at the destination. Exciting days, for sure! But when you have a child, you won’t be able to improvise quite as much. You’re responsible for another human being, remember (see for the need to have items)! Having things like a robust travel itinerary, emergency services information, and making sure that there are enough things to keep a child entertained will go a long way to making sure the trip runs smoothly.

Pick the Right Locations.

It’s true that some of the world is going to be blocked off to you when you have a child. A week-long trip to Las Vegas, for example, probably isn’t the best idea, is it? It’s important that you pick the right destinations when you’re travelling as a clan. But keep in mind that this only discounts a tiny percentage of the world. It’s typically just the obviously ‘adult’ centred places that should be on the ‘no-fly list’ until the children are older.

Solo Travel.

You’re obviously dedicated to your family, but you’re still an individual! If you have a place that you’ve been dying to visit but which your children aren’t able – or uninterested – in travelling to, then that doesn’t automatically mean that you’re unable to go. Instead, speak to your partner about babysitting for a few days. If it means that much to you, you’re well within your right to go by yourself! Indeed, part of being a good parent is making sure that you’re happy and fulfilled. If you are, you’ll find it much easier to give your family the dedication that it requires. If you need some convincing of the virtues of solo travel, check out

Set up a Base.

There are many advantages of having a holiday home. It’s cost-effective; it’s a home away from home, and it’s an incentive to get up and travel. It’s also handy when it comes to family travel. Kids can get restless when they’re on a plane or endlessly on the go, but by having a familiar base, you’ll be able to ensure that your children have something to look forward to after a long journey. The trick is to have a base nearby to the places you like visiting. If you love travelling across Asia, then take a look at there you’ll find the property that’ll allow you to explore the rest of the continent with ease. If you’re a Southern Europe type of person, then a villa on a Greek island would be appropriate.

Keep the Costs Down.

It’s expensive to have children, and it’s expensive to travel; put the two together, and it’s a wonder that anyone goes anywhere. However, it’s also true that travelling never has to be expensive as people believe; there are always ways to keep costs down. If the cost is what’s holding you back from travelling with your loved ones, then take a look at new travel habits. Cooking your own meals, avoiding the expensive tourist attractions, and being flexible with your travel dates can all lead to significant savings.

Locally Active.

Travel adventures come in all shapes and sizes. It’s not just the act of boarding a plane and landing in a country where you can’t speak the language; adventure is all around us. If it’s been some time since you and the family have been travelling and you can’t see when the next time will be, look local. People typically know more about foreign lands than they do their own areas! There’s likely to be a point of interest – probably several – within a short drive away from you. Have those days out when an overseas trip seems so far away.

Don’t Overdo the Journeys.

If it were just up to you, you’d be travelling for days, hitting sight after sight. But really, when you have children, that’s just not possible. They’re going to get tired, hungry, cranky, and everything else. When it comes to planning an overseas journey, don’t overdo it: keep things enjoyable, and the activities to a minimum. It’s better to have an enjoyable time only doing a handful of things, rather than cram too much in and end up ruining your trip.

Let The Kids Rule.

Don’t rule with an iron fist! If you want your kids to be on board with your adventures, then it’s important that they get something out of it too. Ask for their input on what they want to do, and do it. They won’t have any fun if you’re dragging them through museum after museum. And hey, let’s be real here: you’re going to love visiting amusement parks and the like, too.

Divide the Responsibilities .

You’ll need to be a well-oiled machine if you’re adventuring with your kids is going to go off with a hitch. Before you travel, make sure you run through the responsibilities with your partner, and make sure that everyone knows what their role is. It goes without saying that it’s not fair if one person is picking up all the flak and the other person is just enjoying their trip.

Stay Positive.

Finally, remember to stay positive. Travelling with kids can be trying, but it can also be deeply rewarding, so put on a smile and enjoy your time.

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