How To Encourage Your Kids To Be More Active

Toddlers and pre-schoolers rarely need any encouragement to be physically active, however as you kids grow older you may find that they spend more time lounging on the sofa either watching TV or playing video games. Getting your kids to be more active is important – it will keep them physically healthy and it could motivate them to continue being active into adulthood. Here are just a few ways in which you can get your kids to be more active.

Buy toys for outdoor use

If you’ve got a garden, investing in some garden toys could encourage your kids to play outside instead of staying indoors. You could consider buying a trampoline or setting up a swing. Scooters and bicycles meanwhile could motivate your kids to want to go to the park or explore, providing they’re old enough.

Sign your kids up to sports clubs/lessons

You could also consider getting your kids to take up a sport. For young kids, you could consider taking them to a swim school, a dance class or martial arts club. Older kids may take more encouraging to join a sports club – you’re best off letting them choose the activity. Don’t try to force a child to do an activity that they don’t want to do – not only will you be wasting your money making them miserable, but you could create negative associations with physical activity in general.

Lead by example

Your kids are more likely to want to be active if you yourself lead an active lifestyle. If you spend most of your free time in front of the TV, consider whether you yourself could take up an active hobby. Making a decision to walk more and drive less can also encourage you kids to not feel the need to get a lift everywhere.

Take up an active hobby as a family

There could be active hobbies that you can take up as a family. For example, you could go hiking or cycling at the weekend. You could even play sports with your kids such as football or tennis. By doing it as a family, it will keep you all fit.

Go on active days out

You could also plan an active day out to get everyone physically active. For example, you could head to your local water park or plan a hike somewhere. Even going to a museum or the zoo could result in a lot of walking, which will keep you all active. Try to cut down on days out where you’re not doing much such as cinema trips and if you’re going to the beach, try to play some beach games and not just spend the day sunbathing.

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