How to Fix up Your Bathroom on a Budget

While we’d all like to have the kind of bathroom that’s suited for a queen, it’s rather expensive to renovate it. Not just because you need to invest in all of those expensive tiles, showers, and sinks – but because the plumbing sometimes needs to be fixed as well.

Of everything we could possibly renovate in the house, the bathroom seems like it’s the most expensive and time-consuming of all renovations. Perhaps that’s why so many people delay sprucing up this part of the house?

Luckily, it doesn’t really have to be like that as long as you know where to look. Here is a handful of great ways to renovating your bathroom on a budget so that you can have it the way you want without breaking your bank account.

Don’t replace – just resurface

The main reason we associate bathroom renovations with high expenses is because many of them tear everything down to the ground. You don’t have to do this, and it will cost you a lot less if you simply cover or resurface what you think you have to replace.

Obviously, if something absolutely needs to be replaced, you can’t simply cover or resurface ut. Wainscot, for example, is a great way to cover up the lower part of the tiles without having to spend a fortune on re-tiling your bathroom. Have a look at this article on wainscot to get started.

Another point to this is expensive purchases such as bathtubs. Considering a total replacement of your bathtub should be the last thing you do if you care about the money you earn – simply refinish it for next to nothing, and it will look great again.

If you decide that your tub or shower has come to the point where they are beyond refinishing, you can still get a new one without blowing your budget. Just try to get one that is prefabricated rather than tiled, and you’ll have a brand new one for way less.

Find affordable substitutes

With so much talk about interior design trends, it’s no wonder you have your eyes on that real wood floor planking to make your bathroom look luxurious and cosy. Yet, you can easily achieve the exact same look by simply finding low-cost substitutes for the real thing.

It will look just as good, last as long, and cost you way less – so it should really be a no-brainer if you’d like to keep your hard-earned money.

Try to find some affordable online shops such as Tap Warehouse to figure out the cost of a substitute compared to the real deal. Then you work out how much your bathroom renovation will cost you if you do the same throughout the bathroom.

Do some of it yourself

All of those small little fix-ups can also be taken care of without having to pay costly contractors. Do the small paint jobs yourself, for example, especially when we’re talking about smaller rooms such as a bathroom.

Do not pay someone to do this for you except when we’re talking about painting the entire house – even the least skilled DIY’er will be able to handle this one, and you’ll save so much money on just spending two short hours on painting it yourself.

Just think about how little paint you actually need in there, and it should be enough to convince you to get started.

When you know where to look and what to avoid, you can actually squeeze the price on your bathroom renovation down exceptionally. Don’t let the large project scare you away from it; do little by little, and you’ll have the bathroom of your dreams in no time.

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