How To Modernise A Country House

Old country houses can be picturesque and idyllic – they come with bags of character and personality and are often surrounded by miles of lush green countryside, very little traffic and next to nothing to disturb you. However, when you first take one on, they may not be quite as comfortable or perfect as they seem, particularly if you buy one that needs a bit of tender loving care. Here, we are going to look at few ways to bring your country home into the 21st century without losing any of the appeal and charm that won you over in the first place.

Check the roof

The roof is an integral part of the structure of any house, but in older houses, these can be the first thing to show signs of age and wear. Homes built in rural areas are often designed to be stand up against the elements, but even the strongest of roofs will need updating after a few years. Loose and chipped roof tiles will make the house a lot colder in the winter, raise your heating bills and can also serve as an entry point not only for unwanted pests but leaks as well. Over time, this could cause your home to develop a damp issue. Keep an eye on it, and look out for deals on RoofingSuppliesUK.

Open up the rooms

Obviously, this is something you will need to research in further detail, especially if your home is a listed property, as there may be strict rules about what you can do to change the structure of the building. However, assuming permission is not needed, you could consider knocking through to make larger, open plan rooms. You can also take advantage of the quirky features that many older houses have, using bespoke storage systems and furniture to fit into nooks or little spaces. Many older homes have low ceilings or beams, and while these can be cute and kooky, if you’re always bumping your head, it can be a huge inconvenience. There may be ways of raising it to give yourself more headroom.

Install technology

This is an excellent way of bringing your house into this century without making any drastic or costly changes. These days, technology can allow us to control our heating systems. Lighting, security and entertainment by pressing a button on our mobile or tablet, even when you are not at home.

Increase the natural light

One of the downfalls of many older country houses is that they quite often have smaller windows, making them dark and lacking in that all important natural light. Again, this needs checking first in case restrictions have been put on the property, but you may want to think about installing skylights or having bigger windows installed. You can then add in things such as shutters to retain the charm while increasing the illusion of space and light in the house.

With some of the tips above, you should be able to enjoy all the features that attracted you to the house in the first place while living in comfort.

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