How To Stay Safe When Travelling Solo

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As a woman, we want to be able to do everything. We want to conquer the world. When it comes to world travel, we often don’t consider travelling without friends or family because of the risks in the world we currently live in. It’s not a fun fact about the world, but it can be an ugly place, which means constant vigilance on safety is so incredibly important – and not just for women. Today I’m exploring some of the safety rules we should all keep in mind when it comes to exploring solo.

When we talk about safety on holiday, we don’t just mean looking both ways when crossing a busy road where the cars are on the opposite side. We’re talking about adhering to stricter rules when travelling abroad, including ensuring you have the right visas and travel authorizations. That’s not because you may be an unsafe person to travel, but the rules are so much tighter than they used to be. There are new rules coming into effect for some people that mean that there are extra travel authorizations necessary to enter some European countries.

There are certain countries that need ETIAS applications, so before you decide on your holiday destination, you should check if yours is on that list. Once you’ve sorted your documentation and insurance for travel, you’re in a much better position to decide on a safe place to visit. We’ve put together some travel safety tips for your holiday this year, so check these out so you can be as safe as possible while away:
  • RESEARCH. Wherever you plan to go on holiday, do some thorough research. Don’t just check the risks of terrorism, but do safety checks on the resort you plan to stay. Check out reviews on TripAdvisor and check out the local transport links so you can be safe as you explore a new area.
  • VALUABLES. As with anywhere, you should keep valuables with you at all times. Obviously, try to leave valuables behind where you can, but strap that camera and your phone to you at all times. You should also ensure you utilise the safe at the hotel for any cash you don’t want to carry around with you. Carry your bag on your front if you plan to go out anywhere – this lessens the risk of being pick pocketed.
  • VULNERABLE. When you announce to people that you are travelling alone, you leave yourself vulnerable. If a stranger on your travels asks you if you have visited the place you are in before, always say ‘no, WE love it here’. By lying and saying ‘we’, you are pretending you aren’t alone. There’s not always anything sinister in a question, but there is no need to advertise you aren’t accompanied.
  • REVIEW. Wherever you decide to travel, check out the reviews of the local area. Where possible, get opinions from friends, colleagues and family about the places you want to go so you know they are likely to be safe. •Vigilance. Be aware of the police force and medical services wherever you are going. Work out on a map the closest help you can get if you get into difficulty – you can feel more prepared this way and enjoy your holiday more!

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