How To Stop Hoarding Your Kids Old Things!

Most people understand how bad a habit hoarding is; things can begin taking over your personal space, your home becomes cluttered and full of things you don’t use, and if it gets really bad, the home can become unhealthy as a result. Real hoarding is a serious mental health issue that requires help. Not everybody is a hoarder.

However, many parents do find themselves with a tendency to hoard their kids old things. This is fine to a degree, but if your space is filling up with old baby grows and broken toys that you just can’t get rid of, it might be time to admit that you have a problem. Below, we share some tips on how you can stop hoarding your kids old things. You’ll be able to keep the things that really matter, and your space will be a clutter free zone once more. Read on for some advice!

Start Slowly

Some people prefer to get rid of everything at once, but when faced with old stuffed toys, baby grows, and other child related things, they just can’t bear to do it that fast. Starting slowly is key if this is something you’re reluctant to do, even if you know it’s for the best. Get rid of a little each day.

Get Some Outside Help

If you feel like you’re going to struggle to be objective about your kid’s old things, get some outside help. Maybe a trusted friend or relative can help you to see what’s really important and what may not be so important. It can be tough, but picking somebody who will be honest with you and give you some tough love is crucial.

Scale Down Your Collections

You’re going to want to keep a few things, and that’s fine. You don’t have to get rid of every keepsake! Instead, scale down your collections. Do you really need 10 baby grows, or 10 dirty stuffed toys? Try to pick a couple of your favourites instead. Of course they are all cute to you and one day you want to show your kids when they grow up, but keeping excessive amounts of everything will only take up unnecessary space.

Put Everything In A Special Box

Have a special box to keep the things that you don’t want to get rid of. Maybe you could set yourself a goal, such as filling the box with the things you want to keep, and being able to put the lid on it. If something doesn’t fit in the box, either don’t keep it or swap it out with something else. This will force you to really think about what you want to keep. If you just can’t bear to let things go yet, you could consider putting it in Magenta Self Storage or a similar storage option. This way it isn’t taking up any space in your home and you have a little more time to think.

Send Items To Charity Or A Good Home

By sending items to charity or giving it away to a good home, you’ll get a sense of well being and know that your items are going to good use, which will make you feel better about getting rid of them!

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