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Where does your design heart lie? Are you a modern, minimal kind of home dweller or someone who prefers their interiors with a little more warmth?

If you are someone who likes warmth, wood and the snuggle factor, you’re going to need to explore the world of Hygge. If you’re not sure exactly what that is, then let us introduce the Danish interior style that combines natural elements with comfort and one-off pieces. Hygge is where it’s at if you’re looking for comfort and class.

Stripped Back

It’s time to dim those harsh overheads and swap in ceiling lights for floor lamps and natural lighting. Look, candlelight is even better so get those tealights and holders out of the cupboard and onto your tables. Speaking of which, your table is no longer a monstrosity of formica but is now solid wood, hewn as one piece and treated with a light touch to preserve its natural kinks and markings.

Take a look at your carpets and say goodbye. Gone are all over floor covers, making way for natural looking floorboards covered in lush deep rugs that positively enfold your feet with their luxurious fibre.

That theme wall too has got to go. Neutral, earthy tones are the way forward creating a tranquil, relaxed haven. And if you’re feeling relaxed you’ll want to find somewhere that you can sink into so make sure to load your sofa up with cosy cushions and soft throws.

Even your accessories can take on a Hygge feel with natural stoneware plates and bowls and vases made from natural resources. Don’t think basic, think authentic.

Hygge Everywhere

Even your bathroom can take on the look with natural duma wall panels, alongside plenty of wood and stone.

Accessorise with matching, soft towels and sink into a bath where total relaxation is impossible to resist.

The Danish describe Hygge as something like ‘cosiness’ although it’s not directly translatable and is as part of being Danish as Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid. Many things can be Hygge, from clothes to staying an extra hour in bed on a cold winter morning.

You too, can immerse yourself in this mood enhancing, all embracing interior design concept. Just think stripped back and luxurious and you’ll be half way there. However, Hygge is more than just how you decorate your home, it embodies a whole way of life and celebrates getting together with loved ones, relaxing and enjoying all the simple pleasures in life. It’s about great cooking, snuggling up with a great movie and a glass of wine under blankets and enjoying the mesmerising flames of a real log fire.

Sure, you’ll find Hygge is reflected in the love of the natural, rustic elements of nature but also in your attitude and your ability to fully relax. Embrace Hygge in your home and in your life. Give yourself over to some Danish culture and you’ll be cosier, more relaxed and happier than anything a simple home makeover alone can provide.

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