If You See Anything This Year, Let It Be the Untouched World

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Going off the beaten track and seeing the last untouched remnants of planet earth is a must-do activity for those who are sick to death of tourists. It is a must-do activity for those who don’t want to spend this summer lounging by a pool by day and propping up a bar at night. It’s a must-do activity for those that actually want to see and feel the true wonders our world still has to offer. So, if there’s one activity you do this year, let it be seeing the beauty of the untouched world. Below you can find information on some of the best places that fall into this category to visit.


There are parts of Thailand that are hugely developed and full of tourists year in, year out. But there are also some parts of it that are not. Some parts of it are still relatively untouched, and to really experience Thailand, these are the parts of it that you should visit. One such place is Myanmar, where you can visit the Tanintharyi region. Here you can see what is probably the most undisturbed areas that the jewel of Southeast Asia has to offer — just make sure not to disturb the peace when you’re there.


North Africa is another such place where life has changed very little over recent years, so is a place that you should most definitely visit. Specifically, the Mt Toubkal region of Morocco, where the Berber people call home, is the place that you should next visit as you go off the beaten track. And if you want to do your bit for charity whilst you’re at it, you can join the Morocco Mount Toubkal Trek. This is a long weekend charity challenge where funds can be raised for the charity of your choice. So, taking such a venture need not only benefit you, but can benefit others too.


Petra, in Jordan, is one of the most untouched areas left on earth, despite being so close to civilisation. In Petra, there are no cities or suburbs. There are no cars polluting the air as people race to get to and from work. And there are sure not a lot of tourists flocking there year in year out. And this is surprising, seeing as though the archaic tombs that lie there give a glimpse into times gone by and that the whole area has been deemed a World Heritage Site.


Argentina is home to many of the wonders of the world — one of it’s biggest wonders is Purmamarca. This is small town in the country and is the location of the Seven Coloured Mountains; also, it has been, for it’s whole existence, a place that has been untouched and untrammelled on by tourists.

There are still some amazing places to visit and amazing things to see in this planet that don’t involve a pool or a bar. So, if you want to go off the beaten track and see something different on your holidays this year, let it be any of the places mentioned above. Just be sure to stay safe if travelling alone, and to not disturb the peace of wherever it is you may go.

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