Is It Time You Slowed Down To Take Care Of Your Health?

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Nobody likes to admit they’re getting older, but there comes a point where you’re not as young as you used to be. All that time spent running around, ticking off an endless tasks can start to take its toll, especially with a family to look after too. All that time spent focusing on others’ needs could stop you from taking care of yourself, putting you at risk of burning out or other health problems. Ask yourself the following questions and see if it’s time you started focusing on you and your health.

Are you tired all the time?
People joke that parents get little time to sleep, and while you can nod along and laugh – this shouldn’t be the case. A lack of sleep can be bad for your health, as well as making you less responsive or alert – things you definitely need to be around children. There are plenty of warning signs to tell you that you’re sleep deprived, so if you think you could do with some more sleep at night – find ways to make sure you get what your body needs to function as it should.
Are you eating an unhealthy diet?
It’s easy to pick up bad eating habits, and your ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle could mean your attitude to food is on-the-go too. ‘Not having time to eat’ is a common but poor excuse that can see you snacking on unhealthy food or craving junk instead of eating a balanced diet. If you lack energy, feel sluggish, and your immunity is poor – you should analyse your diet and see if it can be improved. Of course, there are plenty of health myths you should ignore, but it doesn’t hurt to try and eat a healthier diet. Taking some time at the beginning of the week to prepare meals and snacks for the week ahead will help you manage your time better as well as make sure you eat healthier.
Are you putting of medical appointments and checks?
When you’ve got a to-do list as long as your arm, keeping up necessary appointments can be the first thing to slip. If you’ve been putting off that doctor’s appointment or booking a session with a local chiropractor to sort your niggling back pain, you could be doing unnecessary damage to yourself that will only get worse if you leave it. Take some time now and then, even if it means taking leave, to sort all of your life admin and take care of your health.
Are you stressed or feeling anxious?
You might think that being busy and productive is a badge of honor, but it could be damaging your health. The warning signs of stress can be subtle, but if you think things are getting too stressful then it’s time to address it. Taking a step back, or going on a much-needed holiday can help you recharge and reassess your priorities. If you can’t find a solution then make an appointment with your doctor – they’ll be able to provide you with the help you need to de-stress and take better care of your mental health.
Everyone wants to be a good parent, but you shouldn’t let your health suffer because of it. You can be a ‘super-mum’ without having to run yourself into the ground – so make sure you always make time for yourself. Your health is just as important as the rest of the family’s, so take steps to slow down and start taking care of you.

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