Job Vacancy: Stay At Home Mum Required!

Job title : stay at home mum
Job reference number : 8992883
Closing date: Ongoing.

A job opportunity has opened up to help a child (and family) with personal and domestic care.

Experience is not essential as on the job training is given. Candidates must have good communication skills, be flexible and have a positive attitude. Upon appointment of role, sleep patterns will be severely disrupted, so working under pressure and with little support is a must.

Daily duties include:

• Assisting with the needs of household members, some of which are through the night. This doesn’t change your shift pattern, even if you are required various times throughout the night you will be expected to attend your day shift on time.

• Feeding house hold members (this may require cooking multiple meals at the same time) is a priority, feeding yourself not so much. Often you may have to eat your own food in between feeding the baby mouthfuls, and it will often be cold. If breastfeeding*, you are dinner and will often be called upon for regular breaks no matter where you are. Food should be freshly made and using any frozen or pre-prepared food isn’t satisfactory.

* Breastfeeding is to be done away from others, preferably in a locked bathroom.

• Routines are important. Morning routine is to be followed by daytime routine, which is to be followed by bedtime routine and then finally nighttime routine. Then it’s back to morning routine. Any disruptions to this routine will have catastrophic implications to the household.

• Toilet habits of your child are to be attended to spontaneously and urgently. This may not be at the home and includes out and about on errands or play dates. If not taken care of quickly enough then wrinkled noses, passive aggressive comments and baby being handed to you will occur even if you are attending to your own needs/running errands/housekeeping/preparing meals. Nobody can change a nappy as well as you do!

• Playtime is important and in the stay at home mum role you will be attending to your child’s regular needs when it comes to this. Television and technological devices such as tablets are frowned upon, and are not part of a satisfactory routine.

• Housekeeping is expected to be done alongside all the above. As you ‘are at home all day’ things are expected to be clean and tidy at a moments notice, and open to judgement and criticism. Special notice to be taken of laundry** and dishes that may be hidden around the home by older family members who consider the housekeeping aspect of the role to extend to their responsibilities too.

** Please note: laundry is expected to be found, washed, dried, folded and put away by you. Any piles of laundry found clean on the floor are your responsibility as you haven’t judged your families needs efficiently.

• Errands for others are to be undertaken no matter what. As you only have your stay at home mum duties to take care of in a day you should have plenty of time to run around after other people.

Regarding free time:

• Any time not spent with the child you are staying at home with is regarded as time you can be housekeeping, running errands and looking after others. Any time taken for yourself (including for a bath, reading a book, checking your phone or even indulging in a hobby) is seen as selfish and unnecessary. You spend all day at home, you don’t need time to relax.

• Toilet breaks can be taken with the door open, so that if you are needed you can be called upon. Often baby is in the bathroom with you, so privacy is null.

• Bath time used to be an hour long LUSH fiesta. Now it’s a quick wipe down in the sink as child in bath, with a hair wash performed over the bath. Personal care can be fit around your stay at home mum duties, standards just have to be lowered.

The hours required are 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Day and night shifts are compulsory and none negotiable.

The rate of pay is none existent, and there are no dental or pension perks available at this time. Sick leave is not permitted and you are entitled to no holidays during this time. Bathroom breaks are closely monitored and you are required to leave the door open so inspection and observation may take place.

Please contact the application line on for an application form. If there is no one available to take your call, please leave a message clearly stating your full name address and the job reference number.

Disclaimer: I love my job as a stay at home mum, but it doesn’t make the assumptions and comments any easier! This post is fuelled by real experiences and expectations, and perhaps a gentle reminder that just because I’m ‘at home’ doesn’t mean I’m not working just as hard (if not harder!) than someone in a full time job.

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