The Kilner Pop Up Event at REX, Liverpool

Twas the night before Kilner, when all through the streets,
Not a person was stirring, not even a peep.
Kilner® Jars filled with sweets, mince pies and Christmas bows,
Glistened in the shop window, as they lay in the snow.

The bloggers were settled, asleep in their beds,
Whilst scenes of Freakshakes and goody bags, danced in their heads.
Then the sun lit up Bold Street signalling a new day,
and shoppers began gathering, outside the Kilner® display.
For REX had transformed into a winter woods,

Filled with Kilner® gifts, creations and homemade goods.
Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and frantic posting,

spread the word across the city, of the events Kilner were hosting.

Bloggers piled in to see what the fuss was all about,
To be greeted by gifts, a Chocolatier, festive drinks, but the rest?
You will find out…

On Thursday the 24th of November I was fortunate enough to have received a very exciting invitation indeed. An invitation to the REX store in Liverpool with Kilner. I received a very cryptic yet wonderful e-mail the night before containing the verse you read above – I had to share it as it’s fantastic!
I teamed up with my fellow blogger Gill of for this one and we made our way through the November frost to the centre of Liverpool, wondering what was in store for us..
REX is a space for innovators and creatives, providing businesses with a platform on which to build. Situated on Bold Street, it houses a café as well as ‘lab’ spaces and retail opportunities, so as you can imagine I was incredibly intrigued as to what Kilner would be doing with such a space. When we arrived, we were greeted with a fantastically festive display and a warm, welcoming atmosphere!
Kilner are known for their glassware. Notably, the blog-worthy jars you see all over instagram and beyond! I was excited when I got this opportunity as I’ve always loved the aesthetic of such items, and while we were there we discovered that Kilner was actually based in St Helens at one point. I had no idea! They started in 1862 with pickling jars, and have branched out over the years while being helped along by the glass jar trend. Some of the items in this post aren’t available just yet, but will be filtering into shops over the next few months – you can truly appreciate how far they’ve come!
Glassware adorned every surface – from bottles to jars, to brewing bottles and beyond. It was a little intimidating as there were so many people in attendance and so much glass, but I don’t think there was any catastrophes. I actually fell in love with a Spiralizer which I ended up indulging in for work related meals, but I’ll be sure to share that in a blog post in the near future. They’re exclusive to Pop-Up events and John Lewis, but at £15 I think its a steal.
As you can see, the Pop Up store showcased a huge variety of different products produced by Kilner. I was intrigued to see the butter making kits, as I’ve never even considered making my own! Another one that caught my eye was a cheeky Kilner Cocktail Making set – I had already set my heard on a Spiralizer but I was almost swayed. I think the huge variety of products available really was a shock – I hadn’t realised that the brand had grown so much. All the pieces have the same Kilner look and guarantee, that chunky glassware feel and had been stamped proudly with the logo.

The products weren’t the only things there though – various stalls had been set up to give you inspiration and guidance when it comes to your own Kilner stock. Gill was entranced with the Freak-shake workshop and you can read her entry on that here – I was more enthused with the infused water and gin stands!


Food was also something you could indulge in. The tabouleh was stunning – I actually finished it when I got home. A mix of parsley, tomato and mint (with a few other ingredients!) it was a refreshing change of pace from boring iceberg lettuce based salads. There was various hummus(es?) of which I picked up an avocado one, and a whole stand of yoghurt/overnight oat inspired delights.

A chocolatier was also busy at work, piping names onto delicious looking slabs of chocolate – unfortunately, mine melted on the way back home so I didn’t get chance to indulge. I made up for it with the small bottle of red wine which had been included into the goodybag, however!

Infused water is a guilty pleasure of mine. My personal favourite is lime and mint, which gives you a mojito flavour but there were plenty of ideas for the uninspired here. I had a cucumber water as I felt I needed to justify tasting the infused gin at the next stand, but I did pick up a few recipes here I’ll be sure to share in the coming weeks.

Yep, you can use your Kilner jars to infuse gin. Simply add the gin, the ingredients you’d like to infused said gin with and seal – shaking the jar thoroughly once a day for a week. Once seven days have gone by, you have your flavourful infusion! I fell in love with the candy-cane gin here with its pastel pink hue, it was quite sweet but definitely something I could easily have a nip of during the cold winter months.

We left Kilner and its Pop-Up to travel home, laden with a goody bag containing a recipe book and our very own Kilner mugs – as well as the small bottle of wine I mentioned earlier. It was a warm, friendly evening and I met so many welcoming faces – the staff were fantastic. I can’t thank Kilner enough for hosting such a wonderful event and urge you to pop by this weekend (25th to the 27th of November) to the REX store in Liverpool to experience this for yourself!

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