Sunday afternoon dinosaur hunting with Bents Garden Centre, Warrington

On Sunday we decided we’d venture out into the wilds, in search of dinosaurs. Rumours circulated that the prehistoric beasts had found themselves at home at Bents Garden Centre in Warrington, and the hunt was on. The Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf Course has been at Bents for a while, but we haven’t had chance to take Megan and Tristan for an explore because of our recent arrival – good weather and me having a few ideas  in mind for some new leafy children for our new home meant we could finally go have a good look.

Bents is a garden centre, which has a lot of hidden treasures squirreled away behind its doors. From pet corners, craft shops and restaurants to adventure playgrounds and – well, dinosaurs, it has something for everyone.

The dinosaurs are brilliant. I’m a particular fan of the grinning gummy Raptor as you approach, but the huge Tyrannosaurus Rex who roars and moves is sure to be a family favourite. The course is well kept and clean, and at £21 for a family of four its a bargain if you want something to occupy your family and are local. I felt a bit envious as they entered because I admit to being a little bit of a dinosaur nerd – I wouldn’t have minded a selfie or six with the dinosaurs, but the teenager (and almost-teen!) just weren’t into that.

While Mike, Tristan and Megan got to grips with the golf, I went on the hunt for some goodies with Baby Button. We’ve just moved home, and I want to make the most of our garden – the last ‘garden’ we had wasn’t fenced off or private at all… It really wasn’t a pleasant place to be. Now we have a wall, a fence, some privacy. Heaven! The trouble is, half is concrete and half is grass so… I’m trying to make the concrete much more appealing than it currently is. We’ve missed vegetable growing season, but that’s maybe something me and Baby Button can consider for next year.

I actually settled on a herb/spice garden for our kitchen, and a new cactus for my prickly babies. I’ve a thing for cacti, and have some which I’ve cultivated for years – all kept on a high shelf these days, but they’re my babies. I was really tempted by a few different finds though… Physalis (the plant which has orange lantern shaped fruits) was a favourite but I don’t know how safe it would be around Baby Button. I did fall in love with a Cheese Plant too, but I don’t know if I’m ready for that kind of commitment when I have a human baby to raise too!

I did manage to sneak some yellow wool into the basket under Baby Button’s pram (I paid for it, I just hid it from Mike as I have a wool problem…) because I’m starting a new knitting project which is actually coming along pretty well. Nothing exciting, but something to keep me grounded over the next few months – the crafting shop at Bents has an amazing selection of every type of wool, thread and darn you can imagine in all the colours of the rainbow. Perfect!

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