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While exploring the places and sites around us in our local area is a wonderful and worthwhile experience, there is just something about imagining yourself really far away from where you are right at the moments that is really appealing. It can help you get through stressful moment, or give you something look forward to in the future. But where would you go if you had the chance and the funds? What about some of these lovely long haul locations listed below?


What do you think about China? It’s certainly exotic with a totally different language, spoken and written. As well as different customs and cuisine. OK, so maybe this choice isn’t for by one as it can be quite a culture shock. But there are certainly some things there for the more adventurous among us like The Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors.


Another popular long haul destination you may like to consider is Australia. What many folks don’t realize about this country is that most of the built up parts are around the outside, on the coastline. While central Australia is more rural and sparsely populated. Of course, this is due to the fact it’s hard to eke out an existence in the central bush areas, and it’s more pleasant to spend time next to the ocean in the extreme heat of the summer.
Although before deciding on visiting this fine country it is worth noting that here border controls are very strict, as mentioned in this article at https://www.theguardian.com. This means you cannot bring in anything edible or live into the country or you could be fined or refuse entry entirely.


The next long haul destination to be considered is the spectacular country of Canada. With beautiful mountains, glaciers, and wilderness you would be forgiven for thinking that very few people live in this place.
Of course, as soon as you get into the lively and bustling city areas like Calgary and Montreal, you will realise that just isn’t the case.
However, if you do decide to visit here it is worth being aware of the border controls here as well. As many travels need visa waivers, or visa themselves to gain entry. Although you can visit the Canadian ETA site for more information on this, and swat up on the requirements before you go.


However, if you are a real seaside fan, then you may want to eschew these other locations in favour of somewhere like the glorious Maldives. Famous for its white sands and safe bays, The Maldives has become a luxury destination for couples and honeymooners in particular.
The sea huts erected on stilts that allow you to observe the marine life and take a dip in the ocean whenever you feel like are pretty iconic, and certainly draw folks in from all around the world. No matter how long the flight takes to get there.
Lastly, if you are up for something that is a little bit different why not take a trip to Greenland?
This huge landmass in the North Atlantic ocean is sparsely populated to the fact a lot of it is covered with ice all year round. So it’s probably best to leave the bathing suits at home!
However, it is a great place to view the beautiful fjords and Northern Light phenomenon, making it a dream location for some.
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