Marvellous Modern Trends You Need To Know Restyling Your Home

If you are completing work on your home this year, you will no doubt be eager to make sure it looks stylish, sophisticated and contemporary. You don’t want a home that’s old-fashioned, out of date and may have even seen better days. We can totally understand this and to make sure that doesn’t happen, you need to check out some of the latest trends sweeping through the interior design world right now. There are various choices here that are sure to be winners in your home. Let’s start by thinking about the possibility of an extension.

Extending Your Home

If you have a lot of money for a home redesign, you might be thinking about completing a home extension. This is never a bad option and could have fantastic results. It will provide you with the extra space that you might need, particularly with a growing family. It also gives you the chance to give your home a room you wish it had.

When you complete an extension, don’t make the mistake of thinking about the interior immediately. Instead, you need to take some time and figure out what the exterior should look like. These days, the classic option is always going to be a flat roof and a very simplistic, cream building. This is recommended even if the rest of your property is older and has a different style. The contrast can work well together, particularly if you choose a great designer to complete the work.

Of course, you can also think about extending your home, without actually creating a brand new room. You can do this by improving your outdoor space. It is possible to build up the patio area in your garden. You can add a shelter to the patio and have the perfect inside outdoor space. This could be great if you are interested in cooking outdoors. We’re not just talking about barbecues here. It’s quite common now for entire kitchens to be outdoors as well and this makes a lot of sense. It allows you to cook in the fresh air and entertain guests in a stunning outdoor space, even when you continue to prepare dinner. If you are interested in this possibility, be aware an area like this doesn’t even need to connect to your home.

Flame On

There was a time not so long ago when fires went out of fashion. It’s not hard to understand why either. After all, when people started to focus on ways to make their homes greener, fires were always going to be the first feature that people began to question. However, now fires are back and better than ever. You can get a gorgeous log fire that will look absolutely stunning as part of your home. We know you think we’re talking about a real, full log fire, but actually, we’re not. Instead, it’s a fire that doesn’t require a chimney and may not even require flus. Yes, you can have the perfect fireplace in your home without the danger or the environmental issues. Go here, and you’ll definitely love what you discover with incredible fireplaces that could really bring your home to life in a brand new way.

Since these fires are more flexible than the typical built-in system, they can be set up anywhere in the property. You can even get a 360 gas fire in your home. This means that it could become the new centerpiece of any room in your property and we do mean any room. Do you want a fireplace in your bedroom? This Victorian idea is back with a brand new, modern twist. Build the fireplace into the room and it can heat the area while looking not unlike a work of art. These fires are actually modern art and this probably explains why they have become so very popular.

Going Laminate

Carpet is 2000’s, the 10’s are all about laminate flooring. Why do homebuyers and homeowners love laminate options? Well, let’s start with the fact that these floors are very easy to maintain and cheaper than you would probably imagine installing too. You don’t need to worry about the cost of this possible home redesign option ballooning your budget at all. They’re cheaper than hardwood floors, and they’ll probably last longer, but that’s not the best part.

The reason why so many buyers love purchasing laminate flooring is that you can get it in whatever style or aesthetic you want. Do you want your home to look like a marble-ous dream? Well, it’s possible with laminate options because they can mimic the aesthetic of a more expensive material such as marble. However, it could actually be anything from oak to granite. This provides a great level of flexibility with your home design.

Folding Away And Slipping Out Of Sight

We haven’t really grown out of the trend of making homes seem larger than they are by adding massive areas of open space. Perhaps we never will – it does look incredible, particularly when the minimal design concept is handled the right way. The whole idea of the minimal design is to make sure that the home looks like a property for show. The problem is that properties for show aren’t actually designed to be lived in.

So, if you have a full family living in your home, you might struggle with the amount of furniture or accessories that you are allowed to have when setting up a minimal design. But there’s a secret here you’re probably missing. A lot of minimally designed homes actually have a lot more accessories and furniture than you think.

It’s just that it’s all tucked away, often inside each other. You can get tables and chairs that fold up and slot inside a sideboard. Once you have folded them away, you’ll have an open area in your room, and it will look grand. But, you’ll still have the furniture you need when you need it, rather than having to hunt in the attic everytime you want to have a family dinner.

Bathroom Delight

You might think that minimal design trends stop in the living area. This isn’t true, they extend to the kitchen and even the bathroom. Is your bathroom looking a little cramped and crowded? There’s a simple way to fix that issue. All you need to do is get rid of the bath! Madness, you say? Well, maybe not, recent polls have suggested that homebuyers are just no longer interested in the grand old tub at all. They’d much rather have the deluxe shower – the type that you’ll find if you stay in a luxury hotel. That’s what you should be aiming for when you redesign your bathroom. You need to aim for the hotel look and effect, ensuring that the bathroom is clean and clear. Of course, this isn’t just about the accessories you have but rather the little items too. So, make sure you invest in a vanity cabinet. Often now part of the sink system vanity cabinets can be a stunningly chic piece of furniture for any type of bathroom.

If you have money to burn, you should also toy with the lighting in your home. You can think about adding some sunk in spotlights to the bathroom. This is a great way to accentuate key areas and make it look brighter, thus grander. Of course, if you want an extra tip to make your bathroom look like a contemporary larger space, do get a wall-length mirror. You’ll be amazed by the impact this has on the perception of the space.

The TV Units Return

Do you still have your TV hanging on the wall? It’s time to change that because the TV units are back in style baby. In fact, they can now be a classically, sleek add to your living area. You can even add vintage appeal by slotting something like a record player onto one of the shelves. There are some really cool units now available on the market that will fit well, really into any room design.

This does mean that your walls are going to be a little more bare than usual, but that’s okay. There are plenty of ways to change that. For instance, you can opt for wall decals, but this year people are leaning towards prints of classic art pieces. This can give your room or home a lot of character and make sure that it stands out as tremendously stylish.

Buying A New Sofa?

Finally, if you are purchasing a new sofa for your property, this year, do make sure that you choose a corner suite. Why are they so popular? Well, they look fabulous as part of an open plan living room, which of course are all the rage right now. As well as this, they often contain options for storage space which is great for making sure that the home stays neat and tidy.

We hope you love these ideas as much as we do and work to keep your home up with the latest trends this year.

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