Meet Your New Frozen Heroes With The LICKALIX BABY CÜBES!

A few weeks ago, I was asked to give something new from LICKALIX a try. The new innovation from the company who specialise in health, organic food for the family are the BABY CÜBES. Aimed at busy Mums who want to provide the best for their little one but can’t invest hours into preparing food from scratch, these packs of no-fuss healthy, organic food with no nasties have been brilliant for us the last few weeks!

The cubes come in four different flavours; two savoury and two sweet. The savoury vegetable based BABY CÜBES are Broccoli, Spinach and Pea (a favourite in this household) and Carrot, Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash. The sweeter counterparts are Strawberry, Mango and Apple along with Apple, Apricot and Peach. I’m mentioning the flavour combinations as I haven’t seen much baby food with anything similar, so I was incredibly impressed with the variety available. Generally I alternate between a sweet and savoury dinner, but I find these to be quite adaptable – you can even add them to things such as pasta, porridge and fruit as the weaning journey progresses.

As you can see, a typical midday meal for Baby Button is currently a smooth element, a crispy element and some fresh vegetables or fruit. I did begin the weaning journey at five months on a puree-based diet, so mixing various puree with more ‘BLW’ (Baby Led Weaning) aspects only seems like the next step on our journey. It helps Baby Button get used to picking up various foods, feeding himself and flavours all in one. I know the Baby-Led approach is incredibly popular these days, but with Baby Button being my first and as I’m predominantly on my own with him I honestly didn’t feel confident going straight in with solids. I’ve found a combination of the two has been great for him, as well as me and my confidence – and that’s what really matters!

As you can probably tell, mealtimes are one of Baby Button’s favourite times of day. He’s just coming up to eight months old, and his appetite knows no real bounds just yet.

The LICKALIX BABY CÜBES have given me the chance to keep his diet fresh, healthy and organic with no fuss even during our house move. Being able to toss these bags into the freezer has meant I’m not juggling pots and pans or preparing food in half a kitchen, and I’m not exaggerating when I say they’ve made the move much smoother. You can use a microwave to heat them, or a pan on the stove meaning I could nip out to friends for dinner if needed and just pop three of these into the microwave. I tend to take my time and use a pan on the stove at home, because it allows me to interact with Baby Button while I prepare them – and he’s now on four cubes a sitting, instead of three!

Definitely a Baby Button Approved meal, wouldn’t you agree?

The LICKALIX BABY CÜBES are available via Ocado, at £4.99 per pack of twenty cubes. As I mentioned in my post, Baby Button has 4 cubes per meal now – up from two when he first began weaning at five months, so they tend to do four meals these days as opposed to ten when we first began.

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