The Merseyside Maritime Museum

This weekend we decided to explore the wonderful Liverpool. I love Liverpool. I really do – there’s a huge sense of pride in the city, and wherever you look there is something there to catch your eye and pique your curiosity. In particular, we had a wander down to the Marina and explored the Maritime Museum – free entry, and absolutely jam packed with various events throughout the day. Truthfully, the boys and I got separated as they were persuaded into a showing of ‘Car Wash’, presented by AFRO SUPA HERO & Liverpool Small Cinema.

I dealt with this better than expected – for those readers with similar anxiety to my own, I’ve found an excellent way of ‘tuning out’ of my fears is to put a Podcast on and listen to that. I recommend downloading the Castbox app, and searching for Knifepoint Horror. It kept me focused on what was happening on the Podcast, and I was able to wander around the exhibits for a good hour or so absorbed in what I was doing.

I got completely lost in some of the exhibits – quite literally. Some parts of the museum have so many corridors and so much information for you to take in, it can be very overwhelming and you soon lose track. I was particularly caught up in the story of the Lusitania – I’d never heard of the Lusitania or her story, mostly because I come from the industrial middle of England and maritime history doesn’t feature too heavily around where I come from.

The exhibit captured my heart however, especially the enchanting ‘an Ode to Fido the Lion’. Fido the Lion is actually displayed in all his glory on the first floor, I do recommend visiting.

As I’ve
previously mentioned, a lot of the exhibits are absolutely full of things you can look at and read – the images above highlighting just how much so. We visited on a busy day, and despite not having the boys with me and being able to wander freely there were points I couldn’t move due to congestion in the corridors. I think people wanted to stop and read the information presented to them, without realising that in hindsight they were blocking the path through therefore causing a build up behind them. If you have smaller children with you, perhaps keep them close by!

Contrastingly, at other points I suddenly became very aware I was wandering, alone. Not another person in sight. Perhaps due to the winding nature of some of the layouts in the exhibits, but something to be aware of.

Another exhibit that captured me was the Titanic exhibition. It was too dark to take photographs in there and it was incredibly busy – but I fully recommend taking the time to fully explore it. Letters from some of the passengers are on display, as well as a thorough timeline of what happened that terrible night. Some of the items on display truly captured the extravagance that some passengers would have experienced – from golden tea sets, spoons and all, to the formal uniforms that staff would have worn. An incredible insight into the one maritime disaster everyone knows the story of.

I couldn’t possibly finish my post without mentioning the International Slavery Museum which is housed in the same building. Some of the stories which emblazon the walls here are gruelling, but a must read to fully appreciate the journey Liverpool herself has taken when it comes to the diverse community that she houses. This is on the third floor, and also includes art and objects of interest which are displayed.

There is also a lot of information surrounding the subject of modern slavery – a current issue that is being tackled in Britain itself. It really does bring home the fact that this practice isn’t something that was completely abolished, and its something that we should be working on as a nation – it isn’t just something that happens ‘elsewhere‘. Here, now, in your neighbourhood. We should be aware of this, we should be stopping this.

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  • Oh I love Liverpool, it's funny though, as we live so close, it's not somewhere I really think of as a place to visit for leisure – especially as I work there. But you are right, it does have a great sense of atmosphere and the views alone along the River Mersey are worth the trip. Glad you had a good time 🙂 xx

  • I love liverpool too (i'm biased lol) but it really is amazing and there's so much to do! I love the maritime museum and you wrote about it so perfectly, i love your style of writing and your photos. Seamed like you had such a lovely time xx

  • I love the Maritime Museum – it's a lot more interesting than I thought it'd be and the section about the Titanic is particularly interesting. The little Customs and Excise Museum in the basement is also worth popping into if you make a return trip.

    • I did manage to sneak down to the basement, but I was obviously without the boys and it was very crowded. I had to come up (once I found the way back up top) but did have a bash at exploring the customs exhibit – very interesting!

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