My Hair Saviour – Milk_Shake Incredible Milk

Since going blonde, I’ve battled the ever-drying effects of the weather/straighteners/being blonde, every single day. It really is something I struggle with as having a fringe, oils tend to make it a little ‘gappy’ and greasy very easily and that isn’t the effect I really want when trying to look after my locks!

The award winning Milk_Shake incredible milk.

A long while ago, someone mentioned the milk_shake brand to me and I decided it was time to ‘bite the bullet’ and invest a little love into my tresses. The trip to Northumberland, the incredible heat we’ve had lately and me generally feeling too tired to commit to a proper hair care regime when I need to go to work (if I go without straighteners, I have to tie it back..) really have taken their toll on my hair and it’s rather lacklustre.

What caught my eye with the milk_shake incredible milk is the fact it claims to have ’12 incredible effects that will transform your hair’:

Repairs all hair types, frizz control, prevents split ends, heat protection, long lasting hairstyle*, incredibly detangling, magnificent shine, adds body and volume, easier ironing, protects and maintains colour, protects from UV rays & smoothes the cuticle.

I honestly couldn’t say no to a product that claims to do so much, could I? Aside from the one that I’ve asterisked – I don’t know if ‘long lasting hairstyle’ is something I can achieve from a bottle.

The first thing that I noticed was the texture through the bottle. Its the consistency of conditioner, not milk, and is quite thick in the bottle. The pump works wonders though and its easy to use, especially as you apply it to towel dried hair and not dry hair. It’s more of a leave in conditioner, than a post-drying product, and as someone who is used to spritzing her hair with oil in a morning it will be something I have to get used to. The second thing that I appreciated as soon as I used the product, was the wonderful smell. Like a vanilla ice cream cone. If I could bottle the scent I would because its absolutely dreamy.

I’ve only been using this product for a few days, and already its working its magic. My porous spots of hair are much smoother, and I’ve noticed its much less brittle to brush through. I simply apply three to four pumps to my hair, focusing on the ends, then comb through when I get out of the shower. The first time I used it, I also made a small amount diluted into water to put on before bed as my hair was so damaged, and that worked well for me, although it’s a process I wouldn’t repeat too often as I don’t want to overuse the product.

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